Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guests!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guests!
This week my guest was hard to find. My fault. I’m usually way ahead in my writing but between the Indiana Genealogy Facebook page I monitor (52 new members the week between Christmas and New Years alone, most wanting help) and having the family in for Christmas, plus spending a couple of evenings with our grandson, AJ, who is off to New York for the 3rd and last leg of the Navy Nuclear program, I procrastinated. So in a panic, I decided the day before this article was due to write about my friend, well friends, actually.
First met the original about 40 years ago through Scouts and New Market School. We were acquaintances then but became great friends as the years progressed. I won’t keep you in suspense very long as to who I am writing about this week, and you’ll see why in a jiffy, so stay tuned.
Let’s just say that my friends move a lot. Seems like about once a month, really. Even been in other cities a time or two. I’ve visited with them in Brownsburg, Danville, Lafayette, North Salem (one of the favorite places so far).
One item we do a lot is laugh. Oh, my, one of them gave the perfect word to it … raucous. I’m sure if you know me personally and not just via my writing, you can easily believe that. When we visit, the louder the better. So much fun. A perfectly innocent comment or some silly crack can lead to ten minutes of pure laughter! Raucous hilarity!
Eating is also something we share. How we love to eat, especially desserts. In fact, I have gotten some of the best-ever recipes I use today. We used to give each other a lot of presents, but just money now.
Are you following me? So, along with this original friend, I eventually became a part of a corps of an interesting group. Today’s column is really about the group, not a specific friend, although Linda and Carla are the friends I’ve so far specifically discussed, and I am part of their card group. Euchre club, that is! I know a bit of a crazy article, but the idea is not last minute. We’ve discussed how it would be neat to write a bit about us, as the majority have played together for decades. I mean, think about it, it isn’t a national club or even a large state or local group, but just eight gals (albeit we have had a few changes but not many as I count from the picture I include these people have all been together about 40 years).
Only one original, Gloria, is among us, although Linda is close, having subbed right off the bat. The club is five-six years older than the 40 mentioned. I was originally a sub for probably close to two decades. We laugh that when I subbed, I always won. Then, these last two decades. I rarely win. That’s not the point, anyway, it’s to have a good time and you can guess already that we do that.
Other than Gloria Long as an original and Linda Friars Miller very close, we also have Sandy Lewien, Retta Richardson, Charlotte Hubbard, Carla Foxworthy, Chrissy Long, and of course me, the newby. Several were in or subbed for many years, such as Carol Smith, Cathy Cooper, Cecelia Fisher, and Priscilla Wolfe. We have three or four main subs, (Vicki Harbison, Sheila Chadd, Becky Hawkins and Judi Stevenson). Some are teachers, farmers’ wives, secretaries, worked at Donnelleys, you name it, but we all have something in common. We love euchre and joining together for fun. Raucous fun, remember? One member said, “We don’t associate with grumps!”
Our friendship goes beyond the card group, too. Together, some of us go on vacations, cruises, attend weddings, and sadly funerals. One member introduced another to her hubs of many years. Certainly, there is never any fighting and no back stabbing. We laughed because that plus might come because we don’t discuss politics or religion. We just try to be good people!
For a long time, the group met every month, second Wednesday. We’ve had daughters, daughter-in-laws, and even the hubbies sometimes step in to sub, but mainly it’s the eight amigos as we don’t want to miss the fun. Now we do have some snowbirds gone part of the year, too. At one point they had a pitch-in dinner before playing, but now, we just have a dessert, usually homemade but sometimes an excellent purchased cheese cake or the like. One member said that card club was just part of their routine from their early marriage when the kids were little. “He just knew it was his babysitting night, 2nd Wednesday of the month!” Starting times have changed somewhat but only within an hour or so.
Now, we go out at Christmas (photo is last year’s group at our party), don’t play in January or February, go out to eat in July and that way we only prepare for card club once a year whereas half of us had to have it twice before. Early on, we bought prizes for the high, low and most loan winners, now we pitch in a dollar each (subs free, now, why’d I join up – heehee) with high score receiving $4, most loans $3 and low score, a buck. Of course, IF I win, and that’s rare, it’s the latter.
So, now those kids we left home once a month to go have fun are all grown, with children of their own and some have grandchildren. One of those kids is in our club. Wonder if she realizes it’ll be up to her to carry on the legacy? So, perhaps if I ever quit writing this article (speaking of which need ideas after ten years of writing it), I can do histories for clubs? Surely, I want to thank my card gals for being such wonderful, raucous friends!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.