Notes scribbled on an Irish Rovers album cover . . .
A promotion the Little Newspaper That Could introduced to Crawfordsville more than a decade ago was called Readers’ Choice. It’s a very non-scientific contest where you guys vote for your favorites in a variety of categories. You vote for your favorite pizza, tenderloin, doughnut, restaurant, barber and more. And yes, the observing reader noted that most examples were food related . . . what can I say? I’m hungry.
Anyways, over the years we have watched this contest grow and grow. Until this year, that is. This year it exploded. Between our paper in Noblesville and The Paper we recorded more than half a million votes.
Holy Count-On-Fingers-And-Toes-And-More Batman!
We haven’t published the winners yet because it took forever to get everything calculated and compiled. OK, maybe not forever but for a guy who has trouble counting sheep it was a daunting task.
As for the numbers themselves, Noblesville predictably had the most votes with a little more than 300,000. However, over here in God’s country we had almost 200,000 votes. Think about that for a second, would you? That’s almost a quarter of a million votes! Obviously a lot of you took advantage of our advice to treat this like Chicago politics, vote early and vote often. And often. And often.
Boy, did you vote often!
I was going to share the results, or at least some of them, with you. But someone here threatened me with bodily harm if I did so before our section comes out. I don’t want to name names, but it might’ve been our vice president of sales and marketing Kim VanMatre. (And listen, when Kim talks around here, people listen!)
So, no hints or clues. You’ll just have to keep watching for this year’s section to come out. We know it’s a little later than usual but it should hit the streets before April showers turn to May flowers. And next year we’ll try to get it back to earlier in the year . . . if you guys will refrain from voting so many times!
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