Easter is approaching.

I know this is true because I keep seeing the TV commercial with the lion wearing bunny ears and trying out to be the Cadbury Bunny. A business near my house has a sign selling chicks and ducklings. Pity those poor animals soon to be squeezed to death by children or neglected after Easter morning.

But the most important thing associated with Easter doesn't happen in the spring. The most important part of Easter is made evident all year long. It is Christ's resurrection from the dead. Without a living Jesus we would have no hope in this world.

Every day the news reminds us how wonderful it is that Jesus walked out of that tomb so many centuries ago.

All you have to do is read the stories about war overseas, crime, corruption in Washington, fighting in government everywhere and you realize that if Jesus had not been raised from the dead we would be most miserable.

Occasionally, I hear the comment made, "What will the next generation do?" The context of this question is usually the state of the economy or the prospects of war that seem to loom continually.

I am optimistic enough to believe God will continue to protect us from ourselves and our sins. He has done so since Adam started walking around on this planet and a God who sent his son to save us from our sins can surely be trusted with our futures.

It's true, I don't envy my grandchildren. I think they will have to fight and fight hard to achieve the wealthy lifestyle my parents knew, but they can do it. Anyway, wealth is not what this life is about. I've known too many wealthy people who had no love in their lives.

The apostle Paul got it right. He said he learned to be content in every situation. One of these days I hope to achieve that state of mind!

So, Easter is coming a week from Sunday.

That gives us a few days to reflect on what it means before Easter gets here.

Yes, this column could have waited until next Wednesday, but I was thinking of my new friend, Pastor Tennyson Fitch. He has spent many, many hours remodeling the church's new building, getting ready for its dedication and for Easter; or as another friend, Jim Daniel, used to say, "Call it Resurrection Sunday."

That's what life is all about, isn't it?

Frank Phillips is a reporter for The Paper of Montgomery County.