I have talked with many veterans; most have been going the Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in Indianapolis or Danville, Ill. In addition, I just recently learned the VA has an outpatient type facility in Lafayette.

Our county service officer for all veterans is Joe Ellis, (765) 401-0432. He can help you find out if you may qualify for any military related benefits and help you get started going to a VA Hospital

I received an email from a vet with whom I discussed a not so pleasant visit I had at the Indy Hospital when I first returned from Vietnam; here is what he had to say.

Allen, I am an Air Force Veteran who served from December 1969 to January 1977. I served in many locations since my career field had me in the TDY status a lot. Countries I was stationed in were Spain, Okinawa, Japan and the good ole U.S. of A.

A few years ago — 2010 — I started using the VA's medical facilities. Before that, I was not aware of my eligibility to be treated at the VA Hospitals. (I just assume that, you know treatment is based on your income.)

I have my regular VA doctor at the Lafayette clinic and I use the Specialists in Danville, Ill. and occasionally Indianapolis. Since using the services, I have not had any delays or bad experiences thus far. However, I hear of other vets having trouble with the services. Sometimes I wonder why they are. Are they not going through the proper channels to obtain these services or are they not hearing what they want to hear!

The main reason I am writing today is to suggest this topic to be one of your articles in The Paper. I am sure you have heard more on this subject than I have from other veterans.

I always look forward to reading what articles you do have in it.

Score one for the VA and score one for Veteran’s Corner, only in The Paper.

Allen Van Osdol is a U.S. Navy veteran and an author of two books. His column appears weekly in The Paper of Montgomery County. You can reach him by email at allenvanosdol@gmail.com or by phone at (765) 225-8465.