The second half of the 2017 legislative session is officially underway.
The Indiana Senate will now be considering bills that passed the House of Representatives in the first half of session.
Here are some of the major topics we will address:
House Bill 1001 (Indiana’s two-year budget): As we take up this bill, we are dedicated to keeping our budget balanced, investing in K-12 education and finding a long-term solution to fund Indiana’s infrastructure.
House Bill 1002 (Long-term road funding): The General Assembly is committed to finding a long-term plan to close Indiana’s $1 billion annual road-funding gap so that we can take care of our existing roads, finish current projects, and plan for the future.
House Bill 1003 (Reforming testing in Indiana schools): This bill would replace the outdated ISTEP test with a new test that will take less time away from classroom instruction.
House Bill 1008 (Workforce development): This bill would establish a new grant program to provide financial aid to students working toward a job certificate in a high-value industry.
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Best State Government
Indiana was recently ranked the No. 1 state for government administration by U.S. News.
The ranking was based on several factors such as credit ratings, balanced budgeting, auditing procedures and public access to information.
Our state ranked first in budget transparency and in the Top 10 in both fiscal stability and government digitalization.
This recent ranking demonstrates how important it is to maintain our strong fiscal track record of success.
As your State Senator, I will continue to advocate for common sense policies that build on Indiana's reputation as A State That Works.
Sen. Phil Boots represents Indiana District 23 which includes Montgomery, Boone, Fountain, Parke, Warren and Vermillion counties. In addition, Sen. Boots is one of the owners of Sagamore News Media and The Paper of Montgomery County. You can reach him at