The Senate Republican Caucus has announced our 2020 legislative priorities. During the upcoming months, I will work with my colleagues to prioritize the following initiatives.
Increase health care cost transparency
Recent studies have demonstrated that Hoosiers pay considerably more for some health care costs than citizens in other states. Price transparency is a critical first step in addressing this issue, and I will support efforts to provide transparency, including creating an All-Payer Claims Database and eliminating surprise billing.
Hold K-12 schools harmless for ILEARN test results Transitioning from one state test to another can create challenges for schools and teachers, as Indiana saw with the 2019 ILEARN results. My colleagues and I will support legislation that will hold K-12 schools and teachers harmless for the 2019 and 2020 test scores.
Reduce government debt
Indiana revenue is performing above projections, meaning that the state has some unexpected one-time cash on hand that can be used to cash fund projects. I will be supporting efforts to pay for capital projects that were approved in the 2020-21 budget with cash in order to save taxpayers millions of dollars in interest payments.
To stay up to date on what is happening at the Statehouse during session, visit to view session meetings, committee hearings, calendars, proposed legislation, vote tallies and more.
Explore Indiana through
The 20 IN 20
Recently, Frommer’s named Indiana among the world’s Best Places to Go
in 2020.
To further promote tourism in the state, Visit Indiana is unveiling the ultimate 2020 travel
experience, called
The 20 IN 20.
All year long, Visit Indiana will reveal 20 lists of 20 must-see, must-do Indiana experiences.
The first two lists, Small Towns and Destination Dining, were revealed earlier this month. In our community, the town of Covington, as well as The Beef House restaurant in Covington are featured.
Here is a lists of bills that I am authoring.
SB 10 on pension matters, SB 11 on direct wine seller’s permit, SP 12 for resident tuition rate for active duty personnel, SB 22 on expungement and law enforcement employment, SB 23 on annexation, SB 24 on oversight divisible loads, SB 25 on mental health disability review panels, SB 37 regarding grocery and drug store cold beer sales, SB 226 on equine dentistry and SJR on prohibiting certain mandates by courts. I am co-authoring SB 181 (survivor benefits), SR 1 (honoring Sen. Randy Head on his retirement from the Senate), SR 4 (honoring Bill Hart on his retirement from the Senate and HCR (co-sponsored) honoring the legacy of the Hulman-George family and celebrating the incoming leadership of Roger Penske and the Penske Corporation at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and INDYCAR.