The Indiana Senate is now considering House Bill 1002, which would provide a long-term road funding plan for the state.
The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) estimates a $1 billion-per-year shortfall in road funding over the next 20 years. INDOT’s projections show that if the problem is not addressed, drivers will face severe deterioration of our state highways and bridges.
Discussion on how to address this funding gap is focused on a user-pays approach. Under this system, those who use our roads the most pay the most, and will also get the most benefit.
Here are some of the options being considered to increase road funding:
Dedicating more of the sales tax on gasoline to road funding
Raising and indexing fuel-tax rates
New fees on alternative vehicles that pay little or no fuel taxes
Vehicle registration fees
Limited bonding
With a fully funded long-term roads plan, Indiana would be able to complete needed projects across the state, including:
It’s important for me to know your thoughts on these options. Please email me at or call my office at 800-382-9467 to provide feedback on this important issue.
Indiana is A State That Works
According to the most recent report from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Indiana’s unemployment rate held at 4 percent in January, the lowest point since 2001.
Our labor force also increased by more than 7,000 from December, and with more than 3.3 million people employed, Indiana’s labor force participation rate remained above the national rate for the 32nd month in a row.
In addition to having the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the country, weekly initial unemployment insurance claims and regular unemployment insurance claims are at their lowest point in over three decades.
As your State Senator, I will continue to advocate for policies that allow Indiana businesses to hire more hardworking Hoosiers.
Sen. Phil Boots represents Indiana District 23 which includes Montgomery, Boone, Fountain, Parke, Warren and Vermillion counties. In addition, Sen. Boots is one of the owners of Sagamore News Media and The Paper of Montgomery County. You can reach him at