What a joy to interview an old friend, Lillian Presslor, for this week's Around the County.

I've known Lillian all my life and she is such a joy. Active in so many area organizations, such as the American Legion for over 60 years; current President of the Omni Van program, involved in the Montgomery County Historical Society for decades and an active member of the Christian Church in Waveland for most of her 95 years. Her son-in-law, Rodney Coffman, is the current pastor at the church which makes her religion even more exciting.

Many readers will remember Lillian who worked for the Department of Agriculture in the Enterprise Building in Crawfordsville for a long time, then 10 years in the Clerk's office doing bookkeeping. She also answered many genealogy questions while working there which has remained an interest to date.

Early on, Lillian worked in Waveland for Larry Dean Servies for 20 years in his furniture store and did books for him as well. Working at the voters' poll for several years is also added to her realm of expertise. Lillian has a true love for her community and county and said that when the old town buildings of Waveland were destroyed, that it just, "Tore me up!"

I would agree that it was a pure shame to tear down the history of our little town.

Although Lillian was technically born in Parke County (just over the border) to Raymond Howard and Ava Pyle Moore, she moved to Waveland at age three and has been here ever since.

Raymond was a decorator and Ava a housewife. Lillian and her sister, Vivian, are both graduates of Waveland High School. Vivian moved out west where she remained and raised her family.

Lillian Moore and Ed Presslor were married in 1939. They met at Turkey Run State Park where Ed was a baker. She loved his German Chocolate cake and although Ed was a carpenter in later life, he almost always baked that cake for family affairs.

When they had been married for four years, Ed went to the Army, where he was a baker, as well. Their oldest daughter , Linda, was three when Ed finally met her. Second daughter, Carol joined them along with son, John. Lillian has 11 grandchildren, thirteen greats and nine great-great-grandchildren.

Ten generations of her Moore family have lived in Waveland and I call that deep roots.

Lillian loves to travel and has been just about all over the world and all but three states. Alaska, in fact, was her favorite trip. Lillian said that most of her family lived into their 80s but she must have just lucked out becoming 95. She attributes it to not drinking or smoking, but living right. Her advice to this generation is, "Be good to each other!"

I loved visiting with Lillian and the need to interview her is past now, but I think I'll just go back once-in-awhile just for fun.

She was certainly a wonderful subject for "Around the County!"

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