This week's subject for ATC answered, "It's complicated, when I asked where she had grown-up. Indeed, it is! Born in upstate New York, by age five, she lived in the Chicago area. When nine, it was South Africa and back to Chicago at age 14. Older brother, younger sister, Mom, Dad and our subject ventured to these places because her father worked for International Harvester selling construction equipment all over the world. Definitely, Dr. Linda Spencer's childhood was full of adventure and travel!

Linda attended Northwestern College in Evanston. Illinois where she majored in Communicative Disorders. In medical school at the University of Illinois, she specialized in Pediatric Neurology but then decided to try Geriatrics. During that course of study, she took a dermatology class as an elective, and fell in love with it. In fact, that's how I met Dr. Spencer. My hubby Jim had melanoma and began going to Linda for yearly checkups. He really liked her so I began going too. Adjectives describing Dr. Linda Spencer include, but are certainly not limited to, are: gentle, sweet and efficient. Besides those, she is energetic and as cute as can be. She is an amazing gal!

It was during her sophomore year at Northwestern that the other Dr. Miller came into her life. Brett was from Cooksville, Ill. So, the small town boy met the world-traveling city girl and love bloomed. Engaged by their senior year, they were married when she was in med school. Brett, who was a chemistry major, noticed that Linda was having a whole lot more fun in med school than he was in his consulting job and decided to join her. He received a procedural scholarship after which he joined Linda in the medical field.

This amazing couple produced three equally fantastic children, all North Montgomery graduates, well at least youngest son Luke is heading there in the class of '15. I could certainly write a column on this energetic, intelligent young man as he's one of the funniest kids I know. Sister, Jessica majored in religion study and is now a lawyer in San Jose, Calif., but will be heading to Memphis soon to work for the public defender. Eric is a graduate of Swarthmore with a master's in Predictive Analytics. Luke is contemplating medicine, "since we already have one in law and the other in business."

For fun Linda has a wide variety of hobbies: going for walks, reading, crafts, and needlework. Another enjoyment is photography; a pastime she and Jessica share together, although Mom likes to photograph living things and Jessica likes funky shapes. Jessica also recently photographed a wedding. The Spencer children were swimmers. Since she wanted the best seat in the house Linda became a certified official so she could sit on deck. She said it is fun to help kids learn but not a joy when you have to dock points. She and Brett work in the yard together and enjoy movies and travel. All the Spencer's are athletic. Jessica, Eric and Brett are soon to perform in a triathlon. Jessica is on the bike. Eric is swimming and Brett is running. Luke is multi-talented in vocal, dance, and saxophone. He plays tennis and is a PRIDE member and enjoys being in school plays.

Linda doesn't particularly enjoy publishing. During her residency she and a few other physicians wrote an article for those in third world countries. She also has written other dermatology articles. After a successful medical career in Crawfordsville Brett is back in the consulting business for the Boston Consulting Group where he is head of provider care where he works between hospitals and insurance companies.

About the same time the Spencer's came to Crawfordsville the Christian Church became a center part of Linda's life. She has been active in many aspects such as Elder, and taught an adult Bible study group for over twenty years. Linda is also involved with the Christian Theological Center.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting in a nonprofessional conversation with Linda Spencer at the Man Cave while we devoured delicious scones. Thanks Linda for being my ATC subject this week and hope we can have some more gap sessions.