I think it's time for someone to start a new organization.

You've heard of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions.) The organization used to be called Students Against Drunk Driving and then someone realized drinking is only one of the stupid decisions made by young people.

I'm really glad Caroline Erdahl and Ken Hampton are starting the SADD chapter at North Montgomery. I hope it does a lot of good and I'm sure it will. I know SADD has been very good at other high schools.

However, as a reporter whose beat includes the police department and the sheriff's department, I am ready to promote a new group. We could call it PASD (Parents Against Stupid Decisions.)

It should encompass not just parents but all adults because not only do we all make mistakes but some people really make stupid decisions.

Just to fictionalize a few examples:

A man decides to beat his wife and when she calls 911, he hangs up the phone. When the police come to the door he further interferes with their investigation and gets charged with interfering with law enforcement as well as battery.

Another example, using the same fictional couple: The wife gets beat up and then refused to file a complaint against her husband.

Here's another example:

Parents of teenagers have a party for the kids in their home. Mom or dad want to be the "cool" parents so they break open the stash of beer or other alcohol and begin serving it to the kids.

The kids leave the house, driving somewhere if not home, and the adults don't bother to stop them from getting behind the wheel.

In all likelihood, the parents who served the booze won't be charged with a crime, they might not even be questioned unless the kids have a wreck.

I could also use the fictional example of the adult who rents a hotel room and cooks up a batch of methamphetamine while his girlfriend balances her baby on her hip, not 10 feet from the guy making the meth.

But in that case, there will be arrests made and the baby will be taken from her mother. The man and woman will be charged with "maintaining a common nuisance." Why? Because possessing meth is illegal. The adults who served the kids alcohol won't be in trouble because having beer in your house isn't illegal.

I would like to call this new organization Adults Against Stupid Decisions, but who wants to be known as an AAS, right?

Frank Phillips is a dad of two and a grandfather of six grandchildren. He can be contacted at frank@thepaper24-7.com.