Hy-Grade Dairy Products, Inc. was organized in January 1929 by the merger of four dairy and ice cream companies in Crawfordsville. It had a capacity for the manufacture of three quarters of a million pounds of butter and 150 thousand gallons of ice cream yearly with a wide market already established. Milk was bought locally from dairy herds in the county and after pasteurization was sold in the City, shipped to foreign markets or made up into butter, ice cream and cheese. More than forty employees were required to handle business which was rapidly being developed by this aggressive organization and a constant market was hereby made available for the milk producers of the county.

Burroughs Bros. was one of the oldest established Exclusive Shoe Stores in the county. Pictured were owners Mart U. and Leslie Burroughs who purchased the store at an Executor's Sale of the Youngman Company in January, 1919. They constantly improved the service, the growth of the business, and trends for the times. These young men secured their education and business training in Montgomery County. Both had been identified with other businesses before forming their partnership. The Store was operated by William Youngman and his son Capt. Robert Youngman for some twenty years prior to 1919. When William Youngman died, his son Capt. Robert had already preceded him in death one year earlier.