Non-profit – a status an organization can have with the IRS. There are several levels or types of non-profit status an organization can operate under, but the most common type we see is the 501(c)3 status.
Throughout my short career with the Chamber of Commerce, this is a term that gets used quite often when discussing who we are as an organization and why we exist. It’s curious how you can simply throw in this hyphenated word and the whole conversation can take on a whole new demeanor. The Chamber of Commerce happens to be a 501(c)6, which basically states that people or organizations receive goods or services in exchange for any monetary transactions that occur. Unlike a 501(c)3 status where goods or services aren’t exchanged with a monetary transaction.
I am privileged to have the opportunity to volunteer and serve on boards, committees, and working groups for several non-profit groups in Montgomery County. I see first-hand the tremendous efforts and goals our non-profits create for our local community.
If you can believe it or not, non-profits need your help and not just the kind of help your wallet can bring. Our local Montgomery County non-profits need our community members to give their expertise, knowledge, and time too for them to be successful. Please trust me when I say “Our local non-profits are doing a tremendous amount of good for Montgomery County.”
When we look around us or go through our normal routines, we are oblivious to the work that is happening behind the scenes to help those in need. There are organizations in Montgomery County that give free health care, housing, food, shelter from abuse, transportation, and many other services to our residents. Additionally, we have organizations that exist to invest in individuals’ charitable gifts for the good of our community and organizations who simply want to give blood, sweat, and tears to ensure our community’s landscape is beautiful. We even have non-profits dedicated to the preservation of our unique local history and natural resources.
I can keep going on about all the good our Montgomery County non-profits are doing for us and how we overlook their efforts every day. When you are out in the community and notice how clean an area is or how you don’t notice any fellow citizens out begging, you should probably thank a non-profit organization for that and how they gave of themselves to ensure you and I benefit from their hard work.

Rick Hernandez is the Executive Director of the Crawfordsville / Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. His column appears on Tuesdays in The Paper of Montgomery County.