Don't you love the story about Helen Milligan? How great the Sugar Creek Players are for taking the time and effort to honor her for entertaining us for 60 years on the local stage!

I am sorry she is one of many people in Montgomery County I have not gotten to know. If memory serves me correctly (and it seldom does) Helen gave a hilarious reading about a lady growing old for a local show on public radio several years ago.

It is wonderful that she is performing in "You Can't Take It With You" this week. She was in the first "Sugar Crik Players" production, which was also "You Can't Take It With You" in 1971. The name was later changed to "Sugar Creek Players."

There is no question that the Vanity Theater and the Sugar Creek Players greatly enrich our community. No, we're not New York City and Washington Street isn't Broadway. Anyone who would compare the two would miss my point entirely.

Our version of the theater helps make Crawfordsville special.

I've often said Indiana as a vacation destination is debatable (sorry, Indianapolis!) but there is no better place to call home.

* * *

I REALLY appreciated the e-mail from Brandy Allen about local residents contacting her office or Marc Bonwell, depending on their address, if they had questions about flood damage (see the "3 things" on this page.)

I am amazed structural damage was limited as it was.

Ernie Reno asked on Thunder 103.9 Tuesday morning what was the mood of people on Friday after the rain stopped and before the water crested.

I have to say it was an attitude of amazement.

We probably weren't very bright, walking on the Lafayette Avenue bridge, after it was closed to vehicles Friday night. I guess it could have been swept downstream with pedestrians on it. But we all got really good photos of the roaring Sugar Creek.

How strange to hear it roar!

Most of us have played on it or even fished it at one time or another. It is, as Ernie said, "docile" most of the time. Usually, it is shallow enough that one does better riding on an inner tube than trying to paddle a canoe (unless you enjoy carrying a canoe.) But last weekend it was an angry monster, eating cars and campers with abandon.

So, yes, check your houses for damage. Call Brandy Allen if you live in Crawfordsville (364-5152) or Marc Bonwell if you live outside the two-mile limit (364-6493.)

And, send us your photos, videos and stories! Send them to

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