Yeah, baby . . . it’s back! It’s back. It’s better. And it sure as . . . shooting beats anything anyone else offers around these here parts!
Yup, Readers’ Choice ‘2020 is on!
But before we go any further about the promotion the Little Newspaper That Could introduced to Crawfordsville more than a decade ago, let’s take just a moment and review, shall we.
Last year, you . . . yes, that would be you Bill and Mary and Chuck and all the thousands of you who read this newspaper – cast more than 1 million votes in our crazy little contest!
Holy . . . shoot! That’s a lot of keystrokes!
Now, before some idiot named Dave (see, even newspaper guys listen to some radio commercials) runs in and screams that we could not possibly have that many people take part . . . Dave is right.
Readers’ Choice has always been a fun promotion conducted in a way that we call Chicago politics – vote early and vote often!
(Hey, it seemed to work pretty well for that state senator from Illinois . . . what was his name, Obama, or something?)
I digress.
For the folks who may be new to these here parts, Readers’ Choice is a very non-scientific contest where you guys vote for your favorites in a variety of categories. You vote for your favorite pizza, tenderloin, doughnut, restaurant, barber and more. And yes, the observing reader noted that most examples were food related . . . what can I say? I’m hungry.
Anyways, over the years we have watched this contest grow and grow . . . and last year we went over 1 million votes for the very first time!
So, here’s the scoop – on our web site you will find the Readers’ Choice ballot. Click on it to open and then simply click on whatever you want. Want to vote for, oh, I don’t know, let’s say . . . oh wait! How about your favorite newspaper? Well, let’s see. You could vote for the Journal-Review, but then again, why? You could vote for the Bachelor – and hey, that’s not a bad vote because those are really good guys . . . but c’mon, do you really read the Wabash College newspaper? Hey! Here’s an idea! Click on The Paper! Not only will you be voting for a winner, but you’ll be supporting the home team, the good guys, the actual newspaper that consistently brings you fun things like RC ’20 . . . and free Indianapolis Home Show tickets . . . and motorcycle rides . . . and all sorts of stuff!
Then, and here’s where it gets fun, click on the vote button and then go back and vote for us again. And again. And again . . . to you little heart’s content.
Or how about favorite newspaper columnist? That’s a tough one. I have consistently voted for Karen Zach, but this year there’s Karen and Butch Dale . . . dilemmas!
At any rate, Readers’ Choice is back and I hope you enjoy it. The whole idea is to create a fun little promotion that recognizes local businesses and people in a positive way. We hope you have some fun with it! Vote for your friends and neighbors and use it exactly as intended – just one more tool to illustrate what a great place Montgomery County is!
Now, what was that Obama guy’s name again?
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