Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guests!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guests!
What a treat for me this week! Hubs and I picked-up a couple of pizzas from PH, then headed to the home we built in 1973 for our interview. Thrilling to see the beautiful, large trees Jim and our two kids planted and to view our home that suited us so perfectly at the time, but now fits their family. Love it! Our couple was most gracious showing us their home and think we all enjoyed not only the pizza but the camaraderie, as well. So, if ya’ know us, you already realize who our guests are this week. Either way, read on and learn about a couple of fun-filled, awesome young folks.
We weren’t expecting it but received a bonus visiting with their youngest who was extremely excited about turning 16 this week. Happy birthday, James! He attends South (his mother’s alma-matre) where he is a Sophomore and active in FFA, musicals, loves X-Boxing and video photography but gave me to know, “We’re not discussing my sixth-grade horror movie!”
Mom graduated with our daughter from South and was active in band, drama club and Royal Ambassadors. He graduated from South Putnam, was active in FFA, and even back then helping others as a volunteer ambulance driver. Always knew he wanted to do something in the medical field. They met toward the end of high school during a get-together of their churches. In fact, he soaped her car windows, then when she viewed the damage, he played the hero exclaiming, “Oh, let me clean those for you!” In a few weeks, she put on his jacket and found soap in the pockets. Busted! Seems like he’s been busted many times for his practical joking and it’s suspicious their son is dad’s duplicate in that aspect. The young one commented, “I’m ornery, aren’t I? I take after my dad!” Loved the camaraderie between these two!
My guest enjoys being with his “older woman” (by 14 days) but she graduated a year ahead because of the time frame of their birthdays. She has one older brother who graduated with our son, and he grew-up in Reelsville with an older brother and sister and one younger sis.
After graduation, she worked for a year, then they both headed to ISU together, but she freely admits she was more interested in the MRS degree than one in nursing or anything else at the time. Well, she got that coveted degree 23 years ago when they married at Pleasant View. So, they purchased a home on Fremont street of 720 square feet with only one closet and two bedrooms. When the kids got older, they realized they needed space, so purchased our old house, and made it theirs all the way!
Now, their jobs have been a bit of a problem, as up until the last couple of years, she worked opposite shifts as he did, but both worked in Indianapolis. This was so that one of them would be with their two handicapped children almost 100% of the time, although they freely said her parents have been wonderful in helping them. James obviously loves being with gma’ and gpa’. He also has friends over a lot and leads a normal kid life. Sister Georgana is a graduate of South where she was extremely active in band, as well as Spell Bowl and Academic teams. Clarinet, flute (which she taught herself), and piano are her loves. She is now at Ball State, studying accounting, working part time and is one busy young lady, even planning an internship this summer. She is a wow power soccer player, steering that power chair super fast on to many victories, even a conference victory. James enjoys it, too. Sibling power!
After spending more than a decade in Indianapolis in the High Risk OB department, she is now at Willson as their school nurse. “I wasn’t sure about the little kids, but I love ‘em!” Loves her job and the people she works with, as well. A major difference after working holidays for years (James informed me that one year, Georganna fixed their holiday meal, and it was okay) and barely seeing hubs. Now, she sees both her boys every evening and weekend (unless she is filling in for someone in Indy). She finished up her nursing degree at Ivy Tech while working at the Wal-Mart Photo lab. He too was working (in Terre Haute with Red Cross as a Health and Safety Director then a driver for Roadway but they wanted to send them to Toledo, so they came back to C’ville) when he finished up his respiratory degree and has worked at Methodist for many years. Methodist has been good with scheduling concerning their children. He also works for Witham part time. They love helping people, she even deployed to help in Hurricane Katrina.
So, meet Greg and Laura (Wright) Nichols. He cuts wood (they heat with it), too as he is definitely an outdoors man. She sells Young Living Essential Oils, which she began because when James had a spinal infusion he experience horrid pain. She didn’t want him to suffer nor get hooked on the pain meds, so she tried some and it worked. Originally, Greg in turn got into respiratory therapist because he has asthma, but now they say the good Lord helped them decide what careers they would have, she nursing and he, respiratory, as he sent them two special children with MS to care for.
The whole family loves NASCAR and especially Jamie McMurray whose life-sized replica greeted us in our old living room. The kids so wanted it at a race (they were there through Make-A-Wish kids) and the manager tracked them down and there were large boxes on their porch of things in just a few days, including Jamie.
Loved visiting with such a wonderful family and seeing our old house. Hope to see more of them and maybe I will as I offered to help James with his writing if he needs it (he’s their FFA reporter). God bless you and thanks so much for sharing your home and life with us this week in ATC!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.