Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County Guests
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County Guests
Known this young lady since she was born and our fellow this week a bit prior to their wedding. Speaking of such, it was a beautiful one, other than it was a hot, hotter and hottest day. On August 14th, 1993, it was in the New Market Baptist Church. Besides being excruciatingly warm, the church was overloaded, people sitting in the aisles on chairs and standing room in the back. Just enough room, however, for the stunning bride with her long, white pouf-sleeved dress to meander down with her beloved daddy. The back of her dress was beautiful, shaped like a heart. Specifically, I asked him what colors they had used and he was stumped. With a bit of a grin, he answered, “Well, one had to be blue.” Giggled so hard when she said, “No, burgundy and emerald!” His turn. “Guess I didn’t get my favorite color in there, huh?”
Going right along with the wedding, the reception was at Lake Holiday. So many people there that the bride and groom ate their tiny bite of cake but no supper. They did get their plates filled but never got a bite with so much going on and people talking and coming through lines to greet them. So, it was Hardy’s on 16th street about midnight when they finally got to eat their “wedding dinner” and it tasted wonderful since they were so hungry.
Working in different departments at Atapco, these two met and hit it off right away. When I queried who made the first move, she said, “him,” and he “her,” but then decided it was really Steve Caudill working both sides. Thanks Steve, they make a great couple.
She is a Southmont ’91 graduate and was involved with softball and volleyball. Laughing, she noted these were the only two sports their daughter never liked. Took more after dad as he was a ’78 Fountain Central graduate involved in track, swimming, baseball and even played travel ball when out of school. When I asked him what position, “Played ‘em all, except catcher. The only time I tried that, I broke my finger!”
He works at EMDS which is a division of Horner Electric and is a vibration analyst. A little taken aback, he explained that he checks all types of rotary equipment for bearing balance. Now, I understand (sort of). She works at Family Eye Care for Dr. Ledgerwood as an eye technician. They both love their jobs, and I loved hearing that. Also, he spent 21 years in Guards, at Rockville, Crawfordsville and Attica. He was a Tamm’s Clerk or the parts guy for maintenance, then went on to being a mechanic, most of this time as a staff sergeant. In two years, he will be receiving his retirement and was doggone excited about that!
One brother rounded-out her original family and he with two brothers and a sister, one brother passed. Thrilled with having her parents still living, she considers herself extremely lucky to even have a 94-year-old gma’ and loves her dearly. Our guest loves to mow her gma’s yard each week just to see her plus Gma’ shares her ice cream bars. Also, she makes sure Gma’ gets to church every Sunday.
Sadly, he lost his father to an unforeseen heart attack. His mother was in the nursing home with dementia and at the exact time his dad passed, she let out a blood-curdling scream. Sad but romantic. Twenty-seven days later, she passed and 27 days after that, he lost a brother-in-law. The whole family loves baseball and so it was thrilling to my guest to have been able to take his dad to the new Reds stadium to see their beloved Cubbies not long before his father died.
Still involved with the New Market Baptist Church, he does the Power Points and bulletins and occasionally music functions. For several years, he did a lot of deejaying. She does side-line photos and still loves to scrapbook (I started that by the way, although I think he wishes I hadn’t – heehee).
Three children, Justin who works with Crawfordsville baseball and at McDonald’s South is very involved in Special Olympics, where he bowls, golfs, and plays volleyball. Top that with he loves to hunt.
Misty (Kyle Bowers) works at Dr. Molin’s office, and is just beginning an exciting new part of her profession that her dad with a sore neck and back is thrilled about. Kyle works with commercial heating and air and they have one daughter, Emma, who is 13 and loves racing 4-wheelers. “She’s quite good at it,” according to her proud grandfather.
Then, Jami and Tim Dugger have Kelsey who is a freshman at the University of Indianapolis, running cross country as in high school. I’m sure many of you will remember Kelsey as a powerful singer, and fabulous athlete. She plans to be a physical therapist and minor in psychology and absolutely loves her new life.
I was a bit worried about Tim and Jami being empty nesters but they love it. Still involved with the cross country and working with many other fund raisers, church, work, going to Emma’s things, there is not much time for boredom on their part. Top that off with they’ve not missed any of Kelsey’s weekends running, no matter how far they had to go to watch.
To finish up, their bucket list was interesting. She wants to go to Disney World. Didn’t get there when young and Tim doesn’t like large crowds but she says, “One of these days Kelsey and I are going!” He wants to gold dig in Nome, Alaska which she has no interest in as it’s an outside thing. I vote they pick the same week and do it, just do it! Always love to visit with Jami and had fun just sitting and talking to Tim. Certainly, greatly appreciate the Duggers being our guest this week! Oh, and PS notice Jami is advertising U of I in the photo!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.