I'm fairly sure that I have never seen Tiffany Reeves with anything but a smile on her face. In fact, her advice to the world is: "For the rest of your life, you should do what makes you happy; surround yourself with people who make you smile; laugh as much as you breathe; and love every day. Life is short, so enjoy it!" Tif does just that! Must be why I like her so much.

Tiffany is a Crawfordsville girl, having grown-up with brother, Heath and mom and dad, Dan & Charlene Burns. She graduated from Crawfordsville High School where she played volleyball, softball, basketball and was in Sunshine Society. Nineteen years ago, she found an awesome job and has stuck with it, working for Dr. Scott Molin as basically the manager of the office. She and her husband, Ron Reeves met through a cousin. They have one wonderful son, Mitchel who is a sophomore at Wabash College. Besides seeing Tiffany in Dr. Molin's office, we ran into each other a lot at Mitchel's (and my grandsons') sporting events, especially baseball games. Ron and Tiffany also have raised her niece, Josie Burns, who is now a very active junior at CHS.

While we were talking, Tiffany told me she thinks her family roots in Montgomery County are deep. She was absolutely right; her Coons family dates back into the county to 1830 and the Macks to 1845. That was at a quick glance in my own Family Tree Maker genealogy program database, so her family might conceivably go back even farther. Both families are extremely interesting and were helpful in developing our area.

Like me, Tiffany was pretty much a goody-two-shoes growing up, but we did laugh at one remembrance. When she was a freshman, she told her parents that she was going to Market Square Arena to see a basketball game. Everything went well, until her mother, while watching the game on television, happened to notice the gals who she was supposed to be with. There was no Tiffany Burns there with them. Turns out Tiffany had spent some time with her senior boyfriend. Busted! Definitely, most definitely, no more crazy stunts like that.

A traveling gal, Tiffany loves vacations with family and friends, especially going with buddies to Las Vegas. Her father's side of the family has gone to Florida almost every year since Tiffany was a little girl and she loves going to spend time with the relatives. She enjoys the Vanity Theater, as well as baking and collecting recipes (me too so by the way, send me any you really love our way - I'll share 'em with Tif).

Another of Tiffany's passions is working for Jack and Susie Irvin at Ironman, along with enjoying the 4-H Fair and Strawberry Fest. One thing I didn't know about Tiffany is she sells 31 and helps with Faith Alliance (the Montgomery County Cancer group). When I asked her the greatest accomplishment in her life, she was quick to reply that raising her kids to be the well respected young man and lady that they are today and seeing what they have accomplished already in life makes her extremely proud. Well, I for one, am proud to know Tiffany Burns Reeves. She's a fun gal and I greatly appreciate her letting me interview her for this week's Around The County!