Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time is passing. It is already March and we are still going. We have had 29 visitors this month and I have two meetings outside of the office. I have also meet with the American Legion this month. I have also had 17 people to the Danville and Indianapolis VA this month. I have also had an issue with my heart as I had a heart cath and will be going back to the VA for a second heart cath. They are trying to get a stint in my veins for the second time if that wouldn’t work I will have to have open heart surgery. We will just have to wait and see. It is scheduled for the second week in March.
The Reserve and National Guard are finally going to get Veteran Status if the they are retired from their service. President Barack Obama signed the provision into law Friday in January as part of a larger package on Veterans’ benefit. Until now, Guard and Reserve personnel were considered veterans only if they served in a federalized capacity for more than 179 days other than training. Even a reservist who attended a regular training and drill for two decades, but never was federalized, could not claim to be a veteran. Now Guard and Reserve members will be recognized as veteran if they serviced honorably for 20 years. Anyone who commits for 20 years to be ready to put their lives on the line for our country deserves the recognition or being called a veteran.
A Year in, no female Seal applicants and Army Rangers have three female officers.
A little more than 12 months after training piplelines to previously closed elite special operator jobs opened to women the U.S. military has yet to see its first Navy Seal or Green Beret. The component commanders for each of the service Special operations commands say they’re ready to integrate female operators into their units, but it’s not yet clear when they’ll have the opportunity to do so.
VA disability claims backlog grows despite paperless fix.
Officials from the Veterans Affairs Department were pressed Tuesday to explain how the paperless fix to the disability claims process has initially resulted in growing backlogs. The claim backlog stood at 76,000 last may before the VA solutions called the National Work Queue was fully implemented, but the backlog last week was at 101,000 cases. Willie C. Clark Sr. deputy undersecretary for field operations, said the new system was improved efficiency for veterans and the result is that “they submit more claims.”
With this technology the VA now has the ability to shift overloads in the system from one regional VA office to another. However Mr. Burke said that we have too many people and it involves five or six people involvements by processors. “We need to reduce the number,” Esty said. “There is also a need for a notification system to be installed in the queue for accredited representatives so that they would know when a claim adjudicated in another location requires a review.”
Shulkin promises problematic VA workers will be fired.
Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin promised to crack down on underperforming employees in his first televised interviews since being sworn into the post last week. “When you have two or three people who really aren’t doing their job, they bring everybody down,” he said during an appearance with Fox News host Pete Hegseth. “And so the very best thing I know from my private sector experience is you’ve got to deal with that. You’ve got to get them out of the system. Because it helps not only the veterans but the people who work in VA who are trying to do the right thing for veterans.
We have a new posting of a job. This is the Border Patrol Recruitment, and you should be under the age of 40 unless you are Veterans Recruitment Appointment eligible or have previous federal law enforcement experience. Be a U.S. citizen and a resident for the past three years. Have a valid drivers licenses, pass thorough background investigation polygraph examination. New hires must successfully complete 66 days of intensive instruction at the US. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, N.M. Coursework includes topics such as Immigration and nationality laws as well as physical training and marksmanship. An additional 40 days is necessary for those who require Spanish language instruction.
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Joe Ellis is Montgomery County’s Veteran Service Officer.