Is it possible to eat too much ice cream?

I wonder.

They say too much of a good thing will make you sick. I know that's true when it comes to red licorice. I managed to eat too much when I was a kid and today I cannot even look at the stuff.

Montgomery County has been handed a Really Big Deal. We have had the GNCC Iron Man for many years. Now we have a shot at pro and amateur motocross racing.

It is a huge deal for a community that has lost so many jobs and so much tax revenue in the past decade.

How do we capitalize on it? Well that's where the T word comes in - Tourism.

Like the kid who has been kept out of the candy shop (or the burger restaurant -- either analogy works) we need and we want a big influx of cash into Montgomery County.

Now, how are we going to achieve that?

That's where the Visitors and Convention Bureau comes in. That's where our wonderful hotels come in. That's where Destination Development Montgomery County comes in. That's where ... just about EVERYONE comes in.

As John Frey said at the Visitors and Convention Bureau board meeting Tuesday, "We're all on the same team."

Only, we don't always pull together. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

It's obvious Destination Development Montgomery County is on fire right now. It's also obvious the Visitors and Convention Bureau is working within the legal parameters as advised by their attorney, Greg Miller.

At the meeting Tuesday, Jeff Line suggested the hotel folk get together and send a representative to the Visitors and Convention Bureau to express their needs. Dev Patel and Nicole Copeland of the Hampton Inn made it clear they think the Visitors Bureau is not doing enough for tourism in Montgomery County.

Patel suggested even a billboard would help.

Line, by the way, is a new member of the Rotary Jail Museum board and a Crawfordsville police officer. It sounds like he has some good ideas for getting along. I hope someone is listening.


About seven months ago I wrote about my health struggles in these pages. I urged everyone ... especially men ... to seek medical advice when they need it and not to wait.

I am delighted to report I am really on my way back to health.

I have lost 50 pounds (as my Facebook friends know) and I was delighted to feel ill Sunday and Monday.

Why delighted?

We were eating lunch with some friends at their home Sunday afternoon. I became disoriented and I think I may have passed out in the bathroom. I am diabetic and my first thought was I had eaten too much sugar, but my doctor had told me the last time that happened it was because my blood sugar was probably too low.

So, our hosts gave me some chocolate and I perked up.

The same thing happened Monday and I stopped and bought a candy bar - the first one I bought in over six months! I ate it and again I felt better very quickly.

So I called the doctor Tuesday and ... he has taken me off the medication I was taking to control my blood sugar!

He had told me many months ago I might no longer be diabetic if I lost weight and took my medicine.

Now I still have to monitor my blood sugar every day but I feel great and praise the Lord!

P.S. The advice still goes -- if you need the doctor, call the doctor! Don't ignore your body.

Frank Phillips is a reporter for The Paper of Montgomery County.