Wednesday my younger sister completed her 30x30 list; a list of 30 items she wanted to accomplish by the age of 30. Friends and family cheered from the sidelines, occasionally joining her adventures as I did when she went zip lining.

As her 30th birthday drew near, we waited with bated breath to see if she would manage to read all of "War and Peace," play Blackjack in Vegas, and try out for a community theater production. In true Libbi style, she finished the book with three days to spare, came out $150 ahead at the Blackjack table, and scored the role of Arwen in the Milk Building's upcoming production "The Farce of the Rings."

She has inspired many folks, including myself, to create lists. There are things I say I want to do, but since I'm a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of gal it is unlikely I will ever accomplish them without a plan. So, I decided to work on a list for my next milestone birthday which is...choke...50!

I turn 44 on Dec. 20, so I will make that the official launch date of my 50x50. I am still working on the list, and am open to suggestions. Here are a few of the items I am thinking of including:

1. See all five Great Lakes (I actually only have one to go!)

2. Go skydiving (with a functioning parachute)

3. Visit German ancestral town

4. Hold a frog (to overcome my crippling fear)

5. Have a book published

6. Be able to comfortably wear every single item of clothing in my closet (this might involve throwing out everything except for sweatpants and scarves)

7. Ride a bicycle built for two

8. Ride a unicycle

9. Ride a Beer Bike (I just realized I have no desire to do any type of serious cycling)

10. Sing Karaoke (publicly announcing this makes me very uncomfortable)

11. Collect honey from a hive

12. Learn to knit and make a new scarf to go with my sweatpants

13. Go to the beach without kids

14. Observe the embalming process

15. Ride zip lines in at least three different states

16. Drive across the country

17. Have our family portrait made (church directory doesn't count)

18. Have a recipe published in Taste of Home magazine

19. Read the Bible through

20. Celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square, Berlin, Sydney, or Tokyo

21. Participate in a swim with the Polar Bear Club

22. Release a message in a bottle

23. Take a story telling workshop

24. Take dance lessons with hubby

25. Go platinum blonde for a (short)period of time

If you have created a list, I would love to hear about it! Or if you have any suggestions for mine, please, email them to me at It is hard to come up with 50 things, but I think that's because the older I get, the more often my mind is blank. I took the liberty of borrowing one from my sister's new 35x35 list: Stomp grapes. For a little sister, she certainly does set a good example!