It's an easy day to pile on the government, isn't it? A bunch of us are sending checks off to Uncle Sam - the one in D.C. or his cousin in Indianapolis - today. If we aren't sending checks today, it's only because we loaned him too much of our money throughout the year. Kind of amazing that we've somehow become accustomed to thinking that we're getting something "back," isn't it?

I guess it's a little like the tool you loaned the neighbor a while ago and forgot. When he finally brings it back, it almost feels like you got a new tool . . . until you remember that you really could've used it a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, no piling on from this little corner today. We've got problems, no doubt. Thing is, we're all in this together. So on tax day of all days, let's focus on the positives.

* * * * *

SPEAKING OF POSITIVES, voters will have a couple of opportunities to learn more about the folks who have stepped up and tossed their hats in the ring for public office. The first comes on Thursday, April 24 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds when the League of Women Voters have their excellent candidate forum. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the forum begins an hour later.

Then, the following Monday (April 28) and Tuesday (April 29), you'll have the opportunity to see candidates in a different setting when The Paper of Montgomery County once again puts on a couple of debates. We do this in partnership with Dave Peach and his good folks from your friendly Crawfordsville radio stations and we have these at the Crawfordsville High School Auditorium, the best venue around, in my opinion. Like the LWV, doors open at 6 p.m. The debates begin at 6:30.

Monday will feature the two county commissioner candidates, incumbent Jim Fulwider and challenger John Pickerill. Tuesday will be set aside for county council candidates. Sen. Phil Boots will moderate both events and the radio station will broadcast live.

Just me, but wouldn't it be great if voters packed the house on all three nights? Wouldn't it be great if we had a huge turnout on May 6 for the primary? Wouldn't it be great if everyone took it upon themselves to really get to know the candidates and where they stand on issues?

A guy can always hope, can't he?

* * * * *

SWITCHING TOPICS, please allow me to talk about two women who do wonderful things in our community that have absolutely nothing to do with politics, Ruth Hallett and Karen Zach. Let's go in alphabetical order.

Ruth had this idea about sharing the tidbits that make up who we are and where we came from. She (and we) are hoping you'll share. Yes, you. No, not them. You. Why should you? Because too many things are falling through the cracks. To be sure, just my opinion, but I look at my adult daughters and think of all the things they'll never know. Like root cellars. When I grew up my grandparents had a farm with a root cellar. A lot of kids today don't understand why root cellars were important. It's just a tidbit from a memory of long ago, but sharing those things will help keep them alive, at least to some degree. You can e-mail any tidbits you want to share to, or heck, just send them to me. Either way, we'll make sure they get in.

Karen is another person who helps keep the past alive. From her wonderful work leading the monthly offerings of Montgomery Memories to her weekly column that profiles a different person from around the county, Karen's writings are a treat. I always learn something every time I read one of her personality profiles and Montgomery Memories is one of my favorite reads each month.

Thanks so much to these two wonderful ladies and the work they do to keep alive the spirit and the people who make Montgomery County such a great place to live.

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