Ruth Hallett
Ruth Hallett
Ruth Hallett is a do'er and an idea person.

While you or I might sit around and take it easy, Ruth does things. She thinks. She creates. And she doesn't sit still.

Ruth retired from a career of teaching, but she is far from retired. She's moved from the country into town and is doing what she does - thinking, creating and not sitting still.

One of her ideas will come to life on the pages of your friendly little Montgomery County daily newspaper. Ruth has a catchy title but we won't spoil any surprise. Won't even give a date in which it will start, although it's safe to say that we'll still be enjoying basketball. But what we can offer is a little bit of a preview on what readers can look forward to . . . the past.

No, this won't be a lesson from the dull and dusty pages of some history book. And no, for those of us who had trouble sitting through long lectures and assignments in class, this won't take most of fourth period.

Ruth's idea will come to life from the homes and people of Montgomery County. It won't focus on what happened in 1875 or what details were contained in a land grant document from the courthouse. And Ruth won't even be doing all the work all the time.

Nope, her idea will bring to life the traditions passed down from one generation to another. Her idea will give you the opportunity to share the very things we all too often take for granted. Her idea could breathe life into things nearly forgotten or highlight everyday practices.


Well, stay tuned. Something interesting is coming.

* * *

WHILE ON the subject of Ruth Hallett, many will remember that her long-time husband Don passed away not too long before Christmas. For those who have been through the loss of a spouse you understand better the process Ruth has gone through. It is with delight to report though that she does appear to be doing as well as she can be and has a positive outlook going forward.

* * *

ALTHOUGH IT'S a bit early for Halloween, there are some exciting discussions going on about The Paper's History-Mystery walking tour through downtown Crawfordsville. There are also discussions about perhaps an entire series of walking tours that will bring multiple groups together. Like Ruth's idea, stay tuned!

* * *

AND FINALLY, if you are as sick of the snow as I am - raise your hand . . . above the drifts.