We are poised for positive change in Montgomery County.

I had hoped to provide statistics and a solid, human case example of the good I see ahead for Montgomery County but that will have to wait at least a week.

So, in general, this is what I see.

We are learning to adapt to the current business situation while preparing for the future.

I went into some detail recently in a column on East Main Street. The way those merchants are adapting is true across the county:

One business is planning an expansion into a nearby town.

A large chain store is moving to Crawfordsville.

A car dealership that is on the Internet and advertises regularly is experiencing a sales boom.

Wabash College has a history of looking ahead to provide the best education possible for students.

Ivy Tech has a beautiful new campus in Crawfordsville.

Local businesses are expanding their advertising budgets as we complete the first quarter of 2013. Do you doubt that? Look inside today's edition of this newspaper and see all the ads!

I continue to be optimistic about the future. The only businesses that face extinction here are the ones that refuse to change.

Frank Phillips is an advertising account representative for The Paper of Montgomery County. He has reported news from West Central Indiana for nearly 20 years.