The other day I drove to Waynetown... entered the Town Hall... introduced myself to Sandi Proctor and asked..."What's going on in Waynetown". Thirty minutes later I had more information than room in this column. So allow me to condense the facts.

The new splash pad has been installed near the pool in Tremain Park. One generous donation has been received to cover installation of one of the pad's three features. Other donations are welcome.

So far $28,744.03 has been collect toward repair of the pool itself. Two quotes for drawing up the plans are in-hand. They're waiting on the third.

142 town-owned street lights were considerably upgraded in energy- efficiency last Spring, 14 Decorative Lights have been approved for next year with 5 Security Lights around the Town Hall Building as well. These will all be the new-fashioned LED "Flat-lights" that illuminate "straight down" rather than send wasted light toward the clouds and surrounding landscape.

Waynetown's new electric meters can be read by hand-held radio monitors... making "meter-reading" more efficient.

The town has obtained a dump truck for hauling, snow plowing and other street work. It also pulls a vacuum trailer that picks up autumn leaves raked to the road, which means no more citizen "bagging".

Their new 2013 Dodge Charger will better assist the Police Department in catching the bad guys and otherwise serving the community.

Sanitary sewer-line work was completed last winter. Water lines and storm sewers are in the cross-hairs for next year.

* * * * *

As for the CITIZEN population, Pastor Ron Raffignone reminded me that all four Churches in Waynetown have formed a unique "Inner-Church Committee" that coordinates combined activities year round. Next up is the second Sunday in December "Community Christmas Luminary Walk". Since the Church Buildings are located in the shape of a square, worshipers walk as a single congregation from one church to the next for a 20 minute program at each location. They also cooperate for combined programs on Good Friday, Easter Morning, Thanksgiving, a Memorial Day service at the Cemetery, Bible School in the summer and a first Sunday in June evening service at the Park on the former date of the Pork Fry.

* * * * *

I found Waynetown business people (both young and...."experienced") with an eye to the future. Emily Horn has operated her "Clay Pot Garden Shop" just south of town on St Rd 25 for only two years, but she's already expanded to a second greenhouse. Now 75 percent of the annuals, perennials and vegetables they sell are grown right there. Last spring they began offering bulk instead of bagged mulch.

Emily's plan for the near future is to expand to a Country Store atmosphere offering more garden décor items.

At the other end of the "experience" spectrum is Pat Fay who has owned and operated his seed service in Waynetown for decades. Yet in 2007 Pat put up a new building, in 2010 added outdoor seed storage bins and this fall started construction on more bins OUTside which he intends to have in place by planting season allowing him to offer even better customer service INside.

When I asked why he felt an established business such as his should spend so much effort (and money) on new construction, Fay the Philosopher leaned forward in his chair and, extending his arms in illustration, said "As long as you're LIVIN' you aughtta' keep MOVIN'. And if you're movin' it should be FORWARD. And the only time you should STOP movin' forward... is when you CHANGE DIRECTION."

* * * * *

And that pretty much summed up the feeling you get when you get out of YOUR town and talk with the folks in WAYNEtown. They're PROUD of their little village. So, I folded my note-pad and bid adieu to Gladiator-town before they asked me stop sitting there and grab a shovel.

"What's happening in Waynetown?"...I found out in a jiffy... and now YOU know too.

* * * * *

Let's try to meet here next Wednesday "Til then... Choose... and Keep. (Oh... don't forget to come see Dick Wolfsie and stop by my table at the Local Author's Book-signing Fair in the Crawfordsville Library Thursday night Dec. 6. 5-8 p.m.) (I just found out my former Straw boss Frank Phillips will be there with his book also.)

Dick Munro writes a his weekly column, By The Way, for The Paper. It appears each Wednesday in The Paper.