Remember the old days...when Whitesville was a sleepy little village tucked away in the cornfields of Montgomery County? Then big things happened. I mean BIG!!!

You know about NUCOR. Then the Industries NUCOR attracted. Well they're still coming.

The most recent is that big white building where the NUCOR Road Tee's into Ladoga Road. That was just opened by Herr-Voss Stamco as a state-of-the-art, fully equipped maintenance shop offering machining, chrome plating, repair services and total equipment rebuilds primarily to service NUCOR.

Before that Ceres Solutions transferred and greatly expanded their agricultural fertilizer storage and sales facility into a new Whitesville building along the RR tracks just south of the old elevator.

Then there's the new County-owned sewage treatment plant on the path toward offering its services to attract even more industry and eventually expanding lines to homes and businesses as far north as the I-74 intersection.

But, as Industry in Whitesville expands the population contracts. I'm told as soon as a lot goes up for sale NUCOR buys it and clears the land.

But the hub of PEOPLE activity in Whitesville, as in most small communities, is the church.... The Whitesville Christian Church.... where last Veteran's Day I enjoyed a very interesting Sunday morning. A strong majority of the 320 or so membership was on hand for a friendly, efficient, educational and inspiring Worship Service. Afterwards, most remained for a sociable talk-fest/meal in the large multi-purpose room across the hall.

It was there I was reintroduced to "Pastor Mike" Whitacre (whom I had first met back when I had The Print Shop) He filled me in on the Church's upcoming Thanksgiving Community Dinner, their congregational collection for Volunteers for Mental Health and their Youth Group sponsored local coat and food drive for deserving Montgomery Countians.

I also cornered Matt and Jacklynn Fry to told me of the Church's 6th to 12th Grade Youth Group's regular Sunday and Wednesday night meetings, their work on behalf of Mont Cares where they rake leaves, shovel snow, clean up the Animal Rescue facility and other such assignments when called on. The youngsters also participate in various educational activities... like a recent internet viewing and discussion on "Bullying". And let me not forget their Mission Trip to Louisville.

"Nothing happening in Whitesville"? Pardon my French... but "au contraire". Pay the friendly folks a visit and you'll change your mind.

* * * * *

What are your plans for Thursday Night December 6th? Well, spread the word, the Crawfordsville District Public Library's, 2nd Annual Local Authors Book-signing Fair will be held from 5 to 8pm, downstairs in the RR Donnelley Room.(Mark it down on YOUR calendar NOW.) (I'll wait.)

Already there are more authors signed up than last year. Beginning this week you should see further informational news releases in the local papers.

* * * * *

On a related note... readers of this column occasionally ask me for copies of past articles... (which I don't have). So a few months ago I decided to gather up several of the early "By The Ways" from The Paper of Montgomery County Archives and publish that compilation in book form. (Along with some new "snappy ad-libs") Last Monday I submitted it to my publisher and the first copies should arrive in time for this book-signing event.

Additionally, Dian Moore decided my "Sugar Creek" book had so many items in it, it was difficult to locate them. So, primarily for her own interest, she made an index of ALL topics. Can you believe it... IT'S 44, 8 ½" X 11" PAGES LONG!

At my request she has allowed me to make copies of her index available to the public (that's you and me). (Or is it you and "I"?) So those will be available at the Book Signing Fair as well. (No it's "me") (Betty says it's "Us'ns") (FYI the "By The Way" Compilation Book sells for $12.00, but the Sugar Creek Index cost we haven't figured out yet.) (I'll have "Special Prices" at the Fair.)

Now remember, I'm not the MAIN reason for attending... there will be at least another 14 local authors present... several of them new faces. (I'll be wearing my old one)

Admission is free... and I'm told they'll also have complementary snacks and drinks. (I couldn't talk them into offering Haggis.... Nuts!) So as I say... mark it down on your "Spectacular Events I Can't Dare Miss" calendar... and spread the word. Thursday Dec. 6th, between 5 & 8pm at the Crawfordsville Library. Should be fun! (After you've met all the Big Shots...remember to stop by my little card-table and say "Hey")

* * * * *

Meanwhile if there aren't any election results or other IMPORTANT stuff taking up my space here... I'll look for you next Wednesday. Til then choose to be happy and keep smiling.

Dick Munro writes a his weekly column, By The Way, for The Paper. It appears each Wednesday in The Paper.