Dear MAC:

Why does the corner  stone of the Crawfordsville City Building foundation have the Masonic Free Mason symbol on it and the statement "Laid by the Grand Lodge--F & A M  1933?  Is it true that our Founding Fathers were all Masons and formed the government to their code even the city building in 1933?


Dear Willy:

You have asked a very good question and one that has stumped our experts.

We even checked with former Mayor Charlie Coons, whose grandfather help build the building. Mayor Coons didn't know and neither did his father, James Coons.

We have calls into Masonic leaders and county historians but have come up empty.

So, we put it to our readers: Do you know what connection there was between the City Building and the Masonic Lodge that led to the prominent placing of the compass and square on the cornerstone? Write Ask MAC at and when we find out, we will pass the answer along.

Good one, Willy!


Dear MAC:

School's out so why are the school safety lights still blinking?

Steamed driver

Dear Driver:

Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power is responsible for controlling those lights.

CEL&P Manager Phillip Goode said those lights have to be turned on and off individually at the beginning and end of the school year.

Each year, James Rodewald, CEL&P's electrical engineer, goes to each of those signs and flips the circuit breaker to turn the sign on or off.

When the schools change schedule, the signs have to be individually reprogrammed.

"I'll have James make his rounds now that school is over," Goode said.


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