Dear MAC,

At my job, they are asking us to make a monetary contribution to MUFFY. Exactly where does that money go and how much is spent on "administrative"?


Dear Giver,

Great question. No one better to answer that for you than David Johnson, Executive Director of the Montgomery County United Fund for You. Here's what he said.

"Contributions go to support more than 40 non-profits across Montgomery County and West Central Indiana. The majority of the funds go to support 15 partner agencies here in Montgomery County. Those agencies are: Abilities Services, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, Crawfordsville Adult Resource Academy (C.A.R.A.), Community Chest, Family Crisis Shelter, Girl Scouts, Head Start, The PEERS Project, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Sunshine Vans, Volunteers for Mental Health, Wilson Family Literacy Preschool, Youth Camps and Youth Service Bureau. Last year, more than 6,000 people all across Montgomery County were helped because of the contributions to MUFFY."

"Our 5-year administrative cost average is 13.5%," Johnson continued. "This includes personnel costs, physical facility, supplies and materials, and audit expenses; but it also includes sponsorships of mobile food pantries and school backpack programs, community planning and collaboration, networking and coordination of agency services to reduce duplication of services and encourage agency partnerships - which helps our community use the dollars we raise more effectively and cost-efficiently"

There you have it. MUFFY is an awesome organization. Don't be hesitant to give to them. They will make it go a long way and to a great cause. Thanks for the questions.