Montgomery County received nearly seven inches of snow Saturday night. Several churches were closed Sunday morning.

However, the buzz on social media last week was about the mega-snow storm that has been rumored for Tuesday.

It's noteworthy that nearly seven inches of snow fell in Montgomery County Saturday night, closing more than a few church services on Sunday morning, yet few people seemed to be talking about the winter weather advisory that was issued prior to Saturday night.

After the winter we have already experienced, with record setting cold and more snow than we've seen during one winter in at least a decade, it's no wonder people have been acclimated to the idea of another snow storm.

Now, we look ahead to Tuesday's storm.

Many on social media passed along "forecasts" from highly questionable sources of 22 inches of snow coming in.

One man told people on the street we could expect a storm so big it would make the blizzard of '78 look like child's play.

Meanwhile the National Weather Service is being cautious, even cagey about Tuesday's storm.

On Sunday morning, the forecast was for four to six inches for our part of the country, but meteorologists said that forecast could change as we get into Monday.

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