As regular readers of this column will recall I made a pledge earlier this year to visit all the communities listed in the banner of The Paper of Montgomery County. All 15 of them. And I said I would do it by the end of this year. With this report I have completed that self-imposed assignment.

Crawfordsville was easy. So easy I decided not to do it at all. You and I get plenty of info relative to "What's going on in C'ville/Montgomery County?"  What I had in mind was more like "What's Going On In (the smaller communities listed)."

Upon each visit I told people there to NOT tell me your HISTORY How your town got its name How many barber shops there were here in 1896 where the Grocery Stores USED to be Tell me about the present better yet the FUTURE. Does this town have ANYONE here looking to the FUTURE? 

I'm happy to report EVERY ONE of them DID!

* * * * *

I decided to make those reports in alphabetical order (I got a little out of whack with the four "W"'s) That would mean this last report will be on Yountsville.

* * * * *

Before I went there when I would tell someone I was going to report on Yountsville EVERY person I talked to EVERY SINGLE ONE would ask "What's going on with the Yountsville Church?"

That's because The Yountsville Community Church truly IS The Soul and Heart of Yountsville. 

So I talked to Pastor Charlie Hart about it. I allowed him a few minutes on the past simply to set the stage for the present and the future.

Hart was born in Crawfordsville but, at the time BOTH sides of his family were members of the Yountsville Church.  All his life . that has been HIS Church. And about six or seven years ago the congregation "ALLOWED me to preach sermons there."

The Church burned down on Nov. 13, 2011. the day before Charlie's birthday. The biggest hold-up on getting it rebuilt was NOT a lack of money the building was FULLY insured. They even have rough plans and down payment money for Architectural Services and an Architect. The biggest problem was getting approval from the State Of Indiana for the new building's SEWER SYSTEM! But that approval finally came through a few months ago. (So much for the past.)

At present Charlie eagerly tells me.. Worship Services are being held at 10:30 every Sunday in the Parsonage across the street. (All are welcome)

As for the NEAR future the Church Building will be reconstructed very close to the same location oriented in the same direction.  If everything goes well "We plan to open the middle of next year".

Which brings us to the NOT TOO DISTANT future. When the Yountsville Community Church FINALLY reopens for Worship in their BRAND NEW BUILDING. (With an up-to-date Sewer System)  

Pastor Hart tells me "There are lots of people around here with, in many ways, a connection to the Yountsville Church. We'll hold some kind of official celebration. And be sure to tell them all are welcome".

* * * * *

So that makes it unanimous. The 14 towns I visited outside of Crawfordsville may be small but there was usually someone nearby to tell me "And we like it that way".

* * * * *

That's it for this week Don't miss next Wednesday's when I'll unveil a major announcement for 2013. 'Til then have a Merry Christmas. . . choose to be happy and keep smiling.  

Dick Munro writes a his weekly column, By The Way, for The Paper. It appears each Wednesday in The Paper.