Photo providedAshley Short (bride) and Matthew Clark (groom) are two of the stars of the Montgomery County Movie.
Photo provided

Ashley Short (bride) and Matthew Clark (groom) are two of the stars of the Montgomery County Movie.
When people ask "What's your movie about?" we like to answer by describing it as a "Family-Friendly Horror Story". True "horrible" things happen, many of them, but we are also inserting what we hope will be moments of laughter, tears, smiles, empathy and yes... terror and shock. In other words things you will and will not find in your typical "Horror Story". We may not hit the target on every item mentioned above, but one thing we can guarantee... this movie won't be "typical".

Take for example last week. Soon after filming a young man having his leg pulled off while being sucked underwater in the New Richmond Pond, we filmed a nice looking (don't you think?) young couple being married in Alamo Church. (What happened immediately after the wedding wouldn't be fitting to show in this column. For a small clue you'll have to look us up on facebook)

In real life the young couple is Ashley Short as the Bride and Matthew Clark as the Groom. Both have previously appeared on stage in Montgomery County, they even knew each other before being cast as betrothed. We made the final decision on Ashley as the Bride weeks ago, but Matthew is a different story.

Simply stated we didn't have many young men his age audition for our movie. Those that did just didn't seem to fit. We even toyed with the option of changing the script by having the groom disappear right after the ceremony (which we didn't film). A few days before filming we asked Lois Hepburn of the Sugar Creek Players to give us some leads. They all boiled down to Matthew Clark, who accepted the role the day before the scheduled filming, but he didn't own a black suit.

By now you know we don't have the money or in this case even the time to buy or rent a tux. So back we went to the Sugar Creek Players costume room and at 10 p.m. the night before filming Matthew had his black suit.

Our thanks go out to the people of the Alamo Church, the Sugar Creek Players, John Horner and Fred Clore for use of their antique cars, Jimmy Johns for some great subs, Sewin' Sherry Klepfer for special costuming, Dale Hockersmith for the use of his tractors and many, many more we'll mention later.

And so it goes. Forty-three percent of this Montgomery County Movie has been filmed. Undoubtedly some of that will have to be shot again. Even the Big Studios have their production problems. Therefore who knows what events in this local adventure lay ahead.   Stay tuned.

That's it for this time... till next time.