Isn’t God wonderful? All his creations are so diverse. Planets, universes, inner space, outer space, space, air, dirt, flowers, trees, vegetables, fruit, animals, birds, bats, fish, turtles… crinoids. The list goes on. Even within each species there are diversities.
Take People for example.
Some 400 of them can see The Montgomery County Movie and come away with 400 different opinions of what they saw.
“What an accomplishment.”
“Not what I expected.”
“Congratulations on a job well done.”
“A delightful evening.”
“What an intriguing story.”
“I didn’t get the part about the guy with the machete.”
“What! All this secrecy about the Title and that was it?”
“Does this mean they’re still living?”
“What a surprise ending.”
“I better go home and spray my back yard.”
Some people left at intermission. A few walked out before intermission. Others came back to see the movie 2 even 3 times.
Once you realize MCM is not MGM you understand why we can’t afford to use mega-million dollar computer generated software for “horror” scenes. Instead, what we went with was sort of “campy-horror”. Many viewers expressed their enjoyment with chuckles. Yet one woman told us she covered her eyes when something “scary” was a-foot. Another exited early to avoid having another attack on her already weak heart.
Many people are of the opinion they are helping you when they praise everything you do even though they don’t honestly believe it was that good. Others are quick to offer their negative opinion because  . . . well . . . they don’t like anything.
I think those of us who have one understand your sister can be one of your most honest critics. Mine flew in from Montgomery County, Maryland to see “Her Brother’s Movie”.
(“I can’t believe he did it.”)
(“I didn’t Diane. 397 other people also helped a little.”)
(“I know but….”)
The morning after the show she started right in: “I didn’t understand the purpose of the dream sequence. Why did you do this? Where did you find that? I thought the Professor part was too long.” (She watched the movie again a second night and no longer felt that way) Our one-sided discussion continued until she left for home. It was then I thought of one final question. Waiting for her to inhale, I snuck in with, “Listen Diane. After seeing the Movie, were you entertained?”
“Oh yes.” She replied. “But I agree. Why would anyone hold their wedding on Halloween?”
Maybe that’s why they call it fiction.
More to come. But for today… that’s a wrap.