One of the questions frequently asked about our Montgomery County Movie is "Why did you choose to make it a 'Horror Movie'?" In the interest of full disclosure a few people withdrew their interest when they found out it was to be of that genre. The answer to the question is two-fold.

#1: The idea for the movie came from the idea for a book which came from the idea of a book title. You see "Montgomery County Movie" is only the "Working Title" for the movie. The real title is one of our most closely held secrets and will be officially revealed when the movie is released.. 

#2: This flick will not be your typical Horror Story. I frequently describe it as a "Family-friendly Horror Story". Yes there will be "horrific" things depicted in the movie, but that's not the main story-line.

Think of the movie "Hoosiers". It has been called one of the 5 best "Sports Movies" of all time. But the main story-line is about a Basketball Coach with an "anger management problem". (Wonder where they got that idea) One day he lost control, hit one of his players and was banned from coaching. Twelve years later he's offered a coaching job in a little Indiana town named Hickory and begins his quest for redemption. The only justification for the "Sports Movie" tag is the guy happens to coach basketball.

Calling Hoosiers a sports movie is like saying the Old Testament is about the aquatic talents of Noah and the eating habits of whales. But because this movie has several horrible things in it, it falls into the "Horror Movie" category. You'll just have to see it to understand what I mean. Don't bother asking the actors and crew connected with the movie... they don't know the full story either.

Remember, to be in this movie all people, places and props must have an acceptable connection with Montgomery County Indiana. We turned down a few applicants because they lacked that connection. As a result some of our people are experienced and some are rank armatures.  With that in mind let us MEET THE CAST:

Today's photo is of Jodi Swenson who will be seen as a supporting actress in our movie. She currently lives in Veedersburg with her husband and their 3 children. (Seven kids altogether.)  Jodi grew up in Indianapolis, moved to Crawfordsville in 1987 where she worked at R.R. Donnelley and Sons for 11½ years. Jodi has no acting experience but says she is enjoying the opportunity to participate.

That's it this time...'til next time.