Despite the long holiday weekend your Montgomery County Movie camera, cast and crew were out filming everyday but the Fourth. (The only cast member available that day was our resident Englishman who would rather not be reminded of it) Other days or evenings from Tuesday through Sunday we shot scenes inside and outside Southmont High School, Williamsburg Health Care Center and our favorite old silo on CR 600W. Thanks go out to six pre-1982 car and truck owners and U-Rent-It Center for use of one of their lifts.

Last minute adjustments, even changes in the script are becoming almost routine now as July seems to be the county's favorite month for vacations. Our main focus is to complete all filming as scheduled. Should a cast member or location become unavailable, we get a replacement rather than reschedule. As a result progress has advanced to where some 69 percent of the movie has been filmed and ready for editing. All major and minor acting roles have now been assigned, leaving only a few upcoming needs for "extras" left to fill. (Stay tuned)


One of the people we were quite happy to film last week was Betty Parker who joined us early on. She was an instant hit with our casting committee; and was selected for a role as...well it's a little too complicated to explain. Let's just say she couldn't play the first two roles we offered her and last week the third try was the charm.

That's why we shine today's MCM spotlight on Betty Parker, one of the few people in Montgomery County who can honestly say they were born in Knob Lick, Ky. To make Betty really feel at home she and her husband Rex now reside in Bal Hinch. Though Betty has played the role of Mom to daughter Kristi, sons Gary and Kelly and grandson Christian when asked to list her acting experience she wrote "None", but that was before last week.

Although Betty is enjoying retirement after 35 years at RR Donnelley, her husband is an avid flyer and the two enjoy frequent air trips around the country in their Cessna 25 Model 205. Rex being the official pilot for our movie has taken us up twice for shots of the County from the air, one of which we intend to use as the opening scene for our movie. In her spare time Betty enjoys flower gardening, sewing, loves to study history and lists as her biggest recent accomplishment "Landing an airplane!"

Betty Parker another one of the over 200 Montgomery Countians working together for the last year and a half making a totally Local Movie we hope you will enjoy.

And that's a wrap

Dick Munro is producer of "The Montgomery County Movie." He is also an author and, in a former life, was a radio personality. His columns appear from time to time in The Paper of Montgomery County.