Sunday will mark exactly one year and three months (11/16/2012) since Philip Demoret and I decided to set our other projects aside and join forces to make a motion picture from an idea I thought of one day for the title of a book. At that point all I had was a TITLE . . . two words . . . and not even a clue for a story.

Eventually, simply due to the nature of that title, I concluded it would best fit a "horror story". Now, I don't particularly like horror stories and certainly wasn't interested in writing one. So the title idea was put on the shelf to marinate for several months where (due to my brother Charlie's off-hand remark) it changed from a book idea to a movie idea. But I've never made a movie before either. So I put it back on the shelf and continued with my Sugar Creek book.

Then, at a Montgomery writers meeting sometime in early 2012, I heard Philip say "I LOVE horror stories". Well that was the equivalent of Peyton Manning saying "Omaha". So I approached Philip with my title idea and he expressed an interest in writing a suitable story, but "Not right now." He too was working on another book. So back on the shelf went my title.

Off and on at subsequent monthly meetings I would ask Philip how his current book was coming along and he would give some bland answer like "It's coming". But persistence pays off and on that November date mentioned above Philip had a different answer. "Y'know Dick I've run into a brick wall on MY story idea...let's start working on yours". We talked about it once, soon after and he started writing the story a few weeks later in December.

Yep, all this began with an idea for the simple title for a book. Fifteen months later some 179+ (that's not a misprint) Montgomery County connected people, seven "How to make a Movie" books, about $5,000 in equipment and supplies, a couple thousand miles of driving, many, many hours of writing, planning, telephoning, e-mailing, filming, making corrections and adjustments, plus quite a bit of help from someone above... our movie has about half of the screen-play filmed.

That experience has taught us the toughest half still lies ahead. But with all the help listed above we've gotten this far. So stay with us. We WILL get it done.

There's more to be told in this column next time and in the year ahead. Meanwhile, may I say on behalf of our entire team of actors, crew people, suppliers and advisors "Just wait...we think you'll enjoy what we've done so far and will continue to work at 'til we're finally finished". (Personally... I really hope you like my Title) (PS: Don't bother asking any of those 179 people above what the title is... we haven't told them. So they don't know.)

Our featured member this time is my partner Philip Demoret. But he's a writer, so I'll let him give his own Biography.

* * *

I was born in Montgomery County and lived here through 8th grade at Tuttle. Then I lived in Greencastle, graduating from Greencastle High School and working at DePauw University for about five years. I moved back to Crawfordsville where my family lived and started my own family, with my wife and two kids. I currently work at Abilities Services full time and at H&R Block during tax season. My hobbies include a multitude of things, from watching movies to hiking and camping, as well as writing. I also consider myself a dreamer, believing anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

When I was approached about making this movie, my first thought was "cool!" And now, several auditions and over 50 percent of the movie filmed later, this is one dream that will come true. I currently have no acting experience (or at least professionally), but I plan to change that in the near future.

* * *

(Better get this movie done first Philip. OK Mr. Director - now say it.)

Oh yah "That's a wrap!"

Dick Munro is Producer of Montgomery County Movies LLC and can be reached at 362-3838 or