Greetings Movie Makers. Today I will give you the latest update on what remains to be done before we can show the MCM movie this October.

If you recall last time I mentioned Philip and I had 273+ items to consider. A few of those have been addressed but several other details had to been added. So we have sub-divided the task of devouring this elephant into several courses, the first of which is “refilming corrections.”

In our meeting last Saturday we placed 40 items on this plate. Our goal is to complete them all by the end of this month. 13 of these items can be corrected with equipment, props and magic tricks. The remaining 27 items require a “call back” of actors.

Gathering actors for a “shoot” could be a problem. Since the original filming session some have moved, changed their email or phone numbers or simply don’t return our messages. We have already refilmed one scene with a replacement actor simply because we didn’t hear back from the original cast member.

(Closed Circuit to all Actors: Please let us know ASAP if your address changes. Also check and reply to our email and voicemail messages. We can’t wait around. Your lack of contacting us quickly may result in our reluctantly finding a substitute or even cutting your portion of a scene from the movie.)

Upon devouring “refilming” we will concentrate on other “courses” such as Technical Corrections, Special Effects, Music, Closing Credits and more.

Our goal remains to have first showing of the movie in October, 2015. How complete that showing will be depends upon your continued co-operation.

For this week . . . that’s a wrap.


Dick Munro is the executive producer of the Montgomery County movie.