OK let's get to the bottom of what's going on with this column. Perhaps you're one of those readers who have wondered why it runs some weeks and doesn't run other weeks.

Well I wondered the same thing. You see, all I do is write the column and send it in. If it doesn't run... I just assume they didn't have room. (too many Sheriff's Sales and such) (Which is OK... This is a NEWSpaper... not Munro's nonsense- rag.) But when the column misses TWO weeks in a row.... And was as BRILLIANT as that which you read about that horse race last week... And people ask me WHY it doesn't run... And I don't know the answer... I figure it's time to find out... Which I do... And here it is.

First: I was sending my column copy (as usual) to Frank Phillips, who it turns out, has evolved up the Corporate ladder to the Advertising Department (Without my knowledge I might add... nor permission) (But with my blessing) The new Editor (aka Straw Boss) is relatively long-time local news man Rick Holtz. (I might have realized that if I ever read the "Who's Running This Thing" part of the paper. But I seldom do.)

Second: Mr. Holtz (I must treat him with due respect... For a while anyway) told me he searched diligently through Frank's stuff on the computer but couldn't find the columns I said I sent in, so he assumed I didn't send one.

So that brings us to the Third Thing: You will notice both Mr. Holtz and I ASSUMED stuff. Which violates the #1 Rule of news reporting... "DON'T ASSUME NOTHING!"

So Mr. Holtz and I have met face to face and (unlike those political debates) we have AGREED on TWO things... If I kick the bucket... or otherwise cease submissions I will try my darndest to FIRST let him know there won't be a column this week. And if Mr. Holtz should suddenly get called up from the The Paper to the New York Times... or the Advertising Department...he will also direct my new straw-boss to that large Corporate Waste Basket in which he files those columns he deems unworthy of publication.

Now you know... so let's move on.

* * * * *

Our Montgomery County Spotlight Town this week is Waveland where they're all excited over being approved for a $150,000 grant to purchase a new Fire Truck. Trick or Treating in Waveland will be this Saturday the 27 starting with the Costume Contest at 6 p.m. in the firehouse then house-calling until 8 pm.

Rodney Coffman tells me the Waveland Christians In Action will serve their annual free-will Hog Roast also on the 27th from 5 to 8 p.m or so. Attendance has grown from around 200 the first year to 300 last year and they're ready for even more pork-loving patrons this year.

Lake Waveland, which is also run by the town, will have the welcome mat out for the general public on the 26th and 27th. Saturday activities starting at 2 p.m. include pumpkin carving, bag decorating, trick or treating, a night-time 4,000 egg-hunt topped off with haunted hay-wagon rides until midnight. Sounds like a fun weekend in Hornet Land.

* * * * *

Just a thought... But: Wouldn't it be nice if ALL us Land Holders in Montgomery County got ½ of OUR Drain Reconstruction Costs paid by the Crawfordsville Redevelopment Commission like those folks out by the Cracker Barrel? (First they set the rules.... Then they change them)

* * * * *

Have yourself a Happy Halloween and I (hope to be) looking for you right back here next Wednesday. "Til then choose to be happy and keep smiling.