Filming of our Community Movie “Halloween, Indiana” may be over but there’s still activity going on at Montgomery County Movies with exciting plans in the works for the rest of 2016. By the time you read this article the movie-only DVD and a “Special Edition” set of 2 DVDs which include four additional hours of bonus footage, will be available for sale at Merle Norman in downtown Crawfordsville.

The bonus footage includes interviews with cast and crew members, a gag reel, cast roundtable and more. Also in the bonus material is a slide show identifying all the locations in Montgomery County we used in the movie.

Our next new item will be the Halloween, Indiana “Insider” book, which many of you have requested. It gives some detail on how we went about filming the movie from when we first thought about making one to Opening Night at the Vanity Theatre. It also includes several pages of interesting and humorous tidbits of things that happened behind the scenes. Watch for the announcement of “The Insider’s” release soon we hope. Also available are Halloween Indiana T-shirts, posters and the movie soundtrack.

Two major projects we are excited about include another movie and a children’s musical Christmas play. We will hold auditions for our second movie on Saturday, April 23. We will need actors and actresses in all age categories from age five up. Males and females of all nationalities are encouraged to attend this audition. No experience necessary. Location and more details coming soon.

The children’s Christmas musical is based on a short story by area resident Wayne Wiley called “A Shanondale Christmas Story,” It will feature ten new Christmas songs written by Dick Munro. This play would be particularly good as a Holiday Youth Program for area Christian Churches of all sizes.

For more information on the movie, contact Philip Demoret at 230-1327. For more information on the Christmas play, contact Dick Munro at 362-3838.

To top things off, Philip Demoret and his friend Don have committed to duplicate Dick Munro’s original journey of paddling down Sugar Creek from the source to the Wabash River. The expedition is scheduled for Memorial Weekend, which marks the tenth anniversary of the start of Dick’s journey. If you would like to join them on this adventure, call Philip at 230-1327.

Yes, there is life for Montgomery County Movies after “Halloween, Indiana”. We will tell you more as things develop, but as for now . . . That’s a wrap!