Last Wednesday six members of our happy Montgomery County Movie band congregated for about two hours at the Hickory Café in New Richmond to film two portions of the movie in need of correction. When finished, Philip called our “That’s a wrap” and thus the filming or “Production” part of our movie came to a close.

Our camera has been put on the shelf.

Oh sure, it’ll be taken down on occasion for a few relatively minor clean-up shots. That’s to be expected. The Hollywood big shots do that as well. In fact with our previous three-year experience Philip and I can now spot some short “call back” portions in big budget films we see on TV or in theaters.                                                  

Also last Thursday we corrected a part where a pick-up truck comes driving past the camera, turns a corner, then pulls over and parks. The original visual filming was OK but after eliminating some wind-noise the sound of the truck driving past was bad. So, although we took the camera out, we used it to record audio-only, no video of our truck driving past us, turning a corner, starting, stopping and idling the motor. Philip has already substituted the new audio behind the old video and now it looks and sounds fine.

There is more sound to be corrected. Likewise color, brightness, camera stability, trimming, zooming, additional special effects and other post-production work.

But the main point is . . . the primary filming is done.

We’re on schedule to show the film in October.

And the reason this column is short is because . . . I’m going to take a break.

So for today . . . that’s a wrap.