Sorry to report, but we have just heard from Bob Milne that due to time constraints he feels, although he WILL hold his previously scheduled Ragtime concert at Southmont High School at 1:30 this Sunday afternoon, he feels he can NOT add our Olivia McKinna MCM movie filming to the program.

In an email to us received Tuesday evening Mr. Milne explained, “With my own busy schedule we have not had any time to rehearse. We tried it over the phone a couple times but this didn't work. Plus, I'm performing in Cleveland on Saturday night, arriving in your town about one hour ahead of start time on Sunday, meaning we can't rehearse it at that time either.”

This, of course, is disappointing to us at Montgomery County Movies, but not devastating. Perhaps we can find someone else locally to back Olivia McKinna on the piano. In a project this complicated you’re bound to receive setbacks. Philip and I have dealt with many before.

We will still premier our (your) movie the week before Halloween.

Keep watching for this column with further details. Sorry for the false alarm. 

Once more this week . . . that’s a wrap.

Dick Munro is the executive producer of the Montgomery County movie.