Well Hello There! Yes it has been a while since our last report. Some people have even asked if we had given up. To put the answer in Show-bizz terms "No No Nanette" we've simply been so busy with non-camera production there's been little time for newspaper column writing. I'll try to be better. Thanks for your interest.

Some of that busyness has been reviewing our previous filming efforts. I'll be honest with you... some of it didn't look right. So we're now deciding how much of it needs to be re shot. But that was to be expected. Making movies is pretty easy...if you don't care what your movie looks like. And this being our first venture into moviedom we expected to make a few more mistakes than Steven Spielberg. (We don't even have a little shark) (But that's only because we couldn't find one with an acceptable Montgomery County connection)

We've also begun the process of editing our movie, which may be the toughest job of all. Imagine having someone hand you a 2,000+ piece jig-saw puzzle with no picture on the cover and saying..."Here make a movie out of this"..But of course there are people in Montgomery County with such talent. And one has volunteered to help us out. (Don't let anyone tell you elsewise...we live in a very talented County).

From he beginning of this project one of our early goals was to make this a truly Montgomery COUNTY Movie. (Not just Crawfordsville) We wanted to have at least one location in a scene filmed in every Township. There are 12 we have 11. No I won't reveal the 12th. But if you see my red pickup truck roaming your area... that might be a clue.


Patriotic Trio--One thing I'm happy to reveal is our cast member of the week. She is Donna Rodgers who plays a Policewomen in our story.

Donna was born in Indianapolis the oldest of 6 children. She appeared once in a play named "Groovy Guru" in her Junior year and took Drama her Senior year. She is married with 4 children. Her husband was born in Crawfordsville and has lived here all his life whereas Donna has traveled around performing several interesting jobs including working in the Crawfordsville Post Office for the past 17 years. in addition to having run 2 different companies she was the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Danville, IN. for almost 3 years. Once she led our local July 4th parade as a Mr. Sam ( Semite- dressed in tails) and was a clown the following year. we'll see what she comes up with this year. Donna has always tried to help with community projects, loves music and has written several songs, sang them and even had some recorded. Donna also told us she's enjoying taking part in our Montgomery County Movie. And we're happy to have her as one of our cast members.

That's it for now. Till next time...that's a wrap.

Dick Munro is a radio personality, a book author and producer of the Montgomery County movie.