Philip Demoret (left) and Dick Munro announce the arrival of their book.
Philip Demoret (left) and Dick Munro announce the arrival of their book.
With the Memorial Day weekend behind us summer activities are well underway on four fronts at Montgomery County Movies. All four are exciting and equal in importance but let’s begin with the “Halloween Indiana Insider” book.
As depicted in today’s photo. Philip and I were very excited when the first case load of books recently arrived here at World Headquarters. Some people were erroneously expecting the book to be published soon after the movie was shown at the Vanity Theatre.
However, the production of a book, as with any product, can’t be deemed complete until the product is polished, text approval is rendered, and the books are actually printed and delivered. We’re at that point now.
The Insider book is 130 pages of behind the screen comments on unusual occurrences, which happened on almost every scene. Also, the book contains information on problems we encountered along the way, items that did not make it into the movie, as well as photos, and other details that begin with the planning of the picture and ending with a complete list of the closing credits listing every person connected with the film.
The book is on sale now at Merle Norman store in Downtown Crawfordsville.
Our next project is Movie #2, which is yet unnamed.
Following the auditions, many roles are being considered as we get ready for shooting to begin this summer. Movie #2 will not be a horror film. It is a satirical spoof about one American family living in a time with different laws. Anyone still interested in a role should contact Philip at
Our third project is a children’s Christmas musical stage production which is locally written by Wayne Wiley and Dick Munro. It contains ten original songs and is scheduled to be performed at Myers Dinner Theatre on Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14. Tickets available now.
Our fourth project is in an entirely different category. However, MCM followers would be interested in the participants.
Philip Demoret and Don Kincaid, Jr. had previously committed themselves to canoe from the source of Sugar Creek to the Wabash River, duplicating the original feat completed by their cohort Dick Munro ten years ago.
The major difference is they wanted to do it in one trip beginning Memorial Day weekend rather than spread it out over four years.
Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate and when the boys went to put their craft in the water, the water level was far too low. But our two heroes wanted to attempt the trip anyway, and seven hours later the water level was too low to paddle and they had pulled the canoe about a mile.
Common sense would dictate that the project to be called off until another time when the water level was higher.