I’m writing today’s column on the last Sunday morning in August. My “count-down” calendar says 56 days until opening night for our Montgomery County Movie (Monday 10/26). That will mark about three years since Philip and I began this little adventure. 56 days and at last count we still had 22 areas to complete. I say “areas” because each of them consists of several perhaps trivial details.

For example “Opening week,” as you might expect, is a little more complicated than those two simple words might imply. What time do we show the film? Where and how are we going to sell the tickets? What should they have on them? Who will volunteer to usher, set up the lobby, clean the theatre before the next showing? Should we do a weekend matinee showing? What about a program to pass out?

Another of those 22 areas is “Re-shoot scene 10.” Luckily this is only a two-person scene. However during editing we noticed a problem in one small but important 5 seconds of the scene which we thought best to overcome by calling the actors back for a “retake.” The problem escalated when we discovered one of those actors had moved away and couldn’t find time to return. With the movie to be shown in less than 60 days we recruited a replacement actor and scheduled that shoot for Labor Day weekend.

A third area is “Special effects.” In this era of computerization it seems every movie must have special effects. From animation to “green screens” to massive explosions. If it doesn’t act-up, blow-up or cause you to throw-up it’s not “awesome.” But remember Steven Spielberg we’re not. This is our first movie. We have no previous experience with such stuff. It’s all “software” that costs big bucks. And we have no budget.

So we work with what we do have. Something that has pulled us through all the previous problems we’ve encountered . . . Plenty of good, talented and cooperative people in Montgomery County. Whenever we needed something we only had to ask. Three years of asking and you can count on one hand the number of times we were turned down. Usually for good reason. (And one of those guys was from Michigan).

Yes, 56 days and 22 areas.

Philip and I are meeting someone at noon today in the Vanity Theatre to check out, among other things, how far back on stage to put the movie screen. “Trivial”? Perhaps . . . But not if you’re sitting in the front row.

56 days, 22 items on the list. I imagine as the days dwindle down we’ll discover 6 more . . .

But hey! Just like the three-legged racehorse who doesn’t know any better, we’ll just keep running. And we hope to see you at the finish line the week before Halloween.

We’ll get it done. After all . . . we have 55.5 days left to do it.

For this day . . . that’s a wrap.

Dick Munro is the executive producer of the Montgomery County movie.