Due to the primary story-line, most of the time period of our Montgomery County Movie centers around Halloween. About half the scenes are outdoors and some of those involve local cornfields. But Montgomery County cornfields are not designed to be motion picture sets. With that in mind we thought it wise to research "Cornfield Movies".

The first to come to mind of course was "Field of Dreams" filmed on two farms near Dyersville, Iowa. Some of what we found was the summer of 1988 (yes time flies) was very dry in that part of the state so the production company devoted special attention to watering the field to get the plants to grow. However those city boys say they used so much water the corn eventually grew higher that they wanted so they had to build platforms for Kevin Costner and others to be seen among the rows.

For the baseball field itself, they imported thousands of flats of beautiful sod. But that same lack of rain exacerbated by a short filming schedule resulted in the grass turning brown. So they painted it green.

Well that's how the big guys do it. We, on the other hand, leave those situations up to God, and local farmers. Which means when depicting our part of Indiana around Halloween, the corn should be mature and preferable not harvested. Which gives us an even shorter window than Field of Dreams.

As of the penning of this epistle we have four cornfield scenes left to film. All involve complications not quite as severe as those mentioned above. However with some 47 percent of the movie already filmed and amazing cooperation from Montgomery County property owners, actors and crew, we've done pretty well so far.

Our featured performer today is "Panther Creek Winchester 73" who plays a major role in our movie. In fact if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have our "family oriented" story-line.

Not prone to give interviews, Winchester's Agent - Lori Clark revealed he was born and lived his first few months in Philpot, Ky. at Panther Creek Parson Russells. After joining Joe and Lori Clark last November he began his career as a show dog. Displaying a notable talent for playing K-9 roles Winchester has taken a little time to star as "Flower" in our movie. His little sister "Berry Delicious" also has a small role in the movie but was too camera shy to pose for a photo.

In his free time Winchester loves digging holes in the back yard and chewing bully sticks.

As a side note: He is very well suited to star in a horror movie since his birthday falls on Friday the 13th!

That's it for this time... 'til next time.