The Indiana Senate Majority Caucus is dedicated to supporting Hoosier veterans and their families. Here are some of the bills passed by the Senate this session that demonstrate our continued appreciation for Indiana's service men and women:

• SB 300: Gives disabled veterans a hiring preference for local government job openings.

• SB 352: Provides financial assistance to more post-9/11 veterans and their families by allowing them to apply for Indiana's Military Family Relief Fund any time after their service, instead of only within a three-year window.

• SB 354: Establishes a Hoosier Women Veterans Program within the Department of Veterans Affairs to specifically address the needs of Indiana's female veterans.

These legislative initiatives help provide essential and well deserved resources for our veterans. If you have ideas on how to further support Hoosier veterans, or if you have any questions regarding these bills, please contact me or call 800-382-9467.