For the last six weeks the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau's Juvenile Mentoring Program has featured several children waiting for a mentor. Every child on this list is anxiously awaiting their future friend, and while every child on the list matters and is in need of a mentor - there are some whose need is greater.

Travis has seen too much tragedy. No 13 year old boy should ever go through what Travis has been through.

This tragedy has fueled Travis to lose his interest in trusting adults. He has moved several times and now lives with his father and step-mother with seven other siblings.

"Travis' dad wants him to have something stable and consistent in his life so he can regain his trust in adults," Jill Hampton, JUMP Program Manager, said. "He has been through a lot and could greatly benefit from a positive male role model."

Travis would like to be matched with someone who is athletic and do things with him a previous role model did. He loves math and science, plays football and baseball and like walking, going to parks, board games, museums, zoos, sightseeing, computers and animals. He also has a strong interest in being involved in 4-H.

"Travis really needs a trust-worthy adult present, consistent, and positive in his life," Hampton said. A good mentor for Travis would be someone who enjoys the outdoors, is athletic, and can be a consistent person in his life.

If you feel like being a mentor to Travis is something you could do, contact Hampton at 362-0694 ext. 12 or at

The six children JUMP has featured in these articles account for only a portion of JUMP's waiting list of children needing a mentor. As more children are mentored, more children are added to the list, Hampton said. As a result of these JUMP into Action Stories, 11 Montgomery County community members have stepped up and are in the process of being trained and screened to be a JUMP Mentor.

For those who are not matched with a mentor, JUMP offers a monthly activity for both matched and unmatched children in the program. These activities range from a swimming and pizza party to community service activities like serving at the Friendship Kitchen together or doing a trail clean-up for local state parks.

"We want to make sure that while the child is waiting for a mentor, they are still able to participate and enjoy the JUMP program during the monthly activities," Hampton said.

JUMP welcomes church organizations and community groups to sponsor group activities for the children. For more information about sponsoring an activity, contact Kayla Hens at 362-0694 ext. 11.