The Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau's JUMP Program has always struggled getting men to volunteer as mentors, and it is the program's biggest need at the moment.

Of the 17 children waiting for a mentor, 14 are boys. "While it's okay for a woman to mentor a boy, a lot of the boys would like to have a man or husband and wife team to mentor them," Hampton said.

There are several couples in the JUMP Program who choose to mentor together. One couple has been mentoring the same boy since 2007, and don't plan to end their relationship with him anytime soon, Hampton said.

In order for a couple to mentor together, both individuals have to be screened and interviewed - just like single volunteers would have to. "Sometimes it's good to have a support with you as you are mentoring," Hampton said. "And the child not only has one person to look up to, but two people."

Timothy is one of JUMP's youngest boys waiting for a mentor. Timothy is 6 years old lives in a single-parents household with his mother. As many 6-year-olds are, Timothy is very energetic, but he can be somewhat shy and sensitive. He makes good grades in school and loves to read and draw.

Timothy would benefit greatly from a couple-mentor, Hampton said. He lives in a one-parent environment and doesn't have much exposure to other adults. He enjoys playing video games, board games, puzzles, card games and he loves to play outside. Timothy also says he likes to cook and do craft projects, as well as playing with animals.

A good mentor for Timothy would be an individual, or a couple, who likes to try new things, is/are energetic and encouraging to Timothy's interests.

"Timothy's mom wants him to have one-on-one time with his mentor so he can feel special and have fun outside of his family and home," Hampton said.

There are several ways you can take the first step to becoming a mentor. There is an application online at, under the Programs tab. There are also applications available at the YSB at 209 E. Pike St., Crawfordsville. After you turn in your application, Jill Hampton will contact you to set up a time to talk about JUMP some more and to get to know you.

If you have any questions or would like talk with Jill some more about JUMP and how you can help change a child's life, contact her at 362-0694 ext. 12 or at