The nation's leading independent, non-partisan organization on federal and state tax policy research recently named Indiana as one of the best states in the nation for business tax climate.

The Tax Foundation recently released its 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index, placing Indiana on the top 10 list for the first time. The Hoosier State ranks as the 10th-best state tax system, ousting Texas from that spot.

Rankings were based on 100 different variables in five areas of taxation: individual income tax, sales tax, corporate income tax, property tax and unemployment insurance tax. Indiana ranked in the top 15 states for all of these categories, except corporate income tax.

Our business-friendly tax climate continues to attract more investment to our state, which shows our efforts aren't going unnoticed. The truth is that taxes matter to employers, and as we continue to improve our fiscal environment, I expect we will see these trends continue. That means more help for our steadily growing economy and more jobs for hardworking Hoosiers.

The 10 best states in this year's Index are Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Florida, Washington, Montana, New Hampshire, Utah and Indiana.

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The temperatures are dropping, and Hoosiers are preparing for the long Indiana winter. For many, the cold weather signifies the beginning of a beloved time: hunting season.

This year, Indiana's hunting season brings a special opportunity for hunters to assist those in need, thanks to Senate Enrolled Act 364. 

The law, passed during the 2013 legislative session, created the Indiana Sportsman's Benevolence Fund. This state-funded initiative pays the processing costs of deer meat donated by hunters to be distributed at Indiana food banks.

While many hunters only kill one or two deer during the hunting season, they can now extend their efforts to pursue as many deer as their county will allow. For rules and regulations across the state, check the Indiana Hunting and Trapping Guide.