Paying into the federal government in the form of taxes is inevitable. Once that pool of money is collected, it gets distributed in the way of grants to communities applying for and being awarded those grants. If MCED does not apply for these grants, will that make our federal tax obligation any less? By no means!

So if a program exists whereby we can help local businesses succeed, why wouldn't we? And if the funding for this success is from the federal government that we have paid into for years, why would we not use that resource? If it is available and accessible, MCED will use all of their means to get a piece of that federal funding pie to assist our local community become more successful, instead of just complaining how the system is broke.

That is why we aggressively went after a $99,000 grant from the USDA to help aid local business in their financing through a revolving loan program. We have a loan review board made up of community leaders and successful businessmen that review all loan applications and make recommendation to the MCED executive committee, the body who ultimately makes the final loan awards. All loans are made based on creating new jobs to small businesses, as defined by the USDA as any business with less than 50 employees. We worked diligently to secure this USDA grant and are grateful to the community leaders who wrote letters of support to help us secure it!