Like you, I was outraged at the recent Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) news stories that revealed subpar care for our veterans.  That is why my colleagues and I lead passage of a bipartisan and bicameral reform bill that will improve access to care for veterans.

The legislation included many of the reforms included in H.R. 4810, the Veterans Access to Care Act, which passed the House with my support on June 10.

The final legislation, H.R. 3230, the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act will:

· Allow veterans that that have been on waiting lists for more than 30 days or that live further than 40 miles from a VA medical facility to seek treatment at a private provider using a new Veterans Choice Card. 

· Provide $5 billion to the VA to increase access to care through the hiring of physicians and other medical staff.

· Authorize the leases for 27 major VA medical facilities in 18 states and Puerto Rico. 

· Authorize the VA to fire or demote Senior Executive Service employees for poor performance or misconduct. 

· Reduce funding available for VA bonuses by $400 million over the next ten years.

· Require public colleges to provide in-state tuition to veterans and eligible dependents (spouses and children).

For additional information on the legislation, visit the House Committee on Veterans Affairs website. 

If you or a veteran you know is experiencing difficulty with VA care, please contact my Danville office for assistance.  We have already assisted over 1,000 veterans or active duty families that have contacted us.

Todd Rokita represents Indiana's 4th Congressional District.