Did you ever think about how many people volunteer their time and knowledge while serving on committees and boards in the inner workings of city government?

Prior to my involvement on city council, I can honestly say I did not, but that has now changed. There is more to city government than just the mayor and council members.

There is a tremendous amount of work that gets done behind the scenes requiring many sub-committees and boards of various types. The majority of these positions are filled with appointees from either the mayor or the city council, and require various amounts of time and effort without compensation.

In addition to the city council members that serve as mayoral appointees to different committees,there are as many

as 75 different people working on as many as 15-20 different committees with little to no compensation or recognition.

Those committees are as follows: Board of Works, Plan Commission, Golf Course Authority, Board of Zoning Appeals, Redevelopment Commission, Police Commissioners, Housing Authority, Parks and Recreation, Aviation Commission, Utility Service Board, Historic Preservation Commission,

Fire Commissioners, and City Economic Development Commission.

A lot of decisions made by city council members and the mayor, are a result of the information given to them by these committees and boards on a monthly basis.

The City of Crawfordsville is very fortunate to have people who are willing to serve its city in ways that help move

it forward, making it a better place to live, to work and to do business.

Hopefully, the next time the workings of our city government crosses your mind or comes up in conversation,

you think of the amount of work that gets done by people who

are willing to serve.

Dan Guard is the Ward 3 Crawfordsville City Council

member. He is also president of the council's traffic, parking and safety committee.